British Nationalism 2015: The Five Year Plan

Joshua Bonehill

As we come to the end of 2014, it’s time to summarize this year and look to the future ahead, a future of both great uncertainty and uncharted territory.


2014 has been a relatively poor year for the nationalist front, we’ve had the rise of civic nationalist and Judea Party, UKIP, whilst Nick Griffin departed from the British National Party thus ending an era of dominance in British Nationalism. Whilst the BNP is still afloat, another smaller offshoot party by the name of ‘British Voice’ has sprung up and intends to compete with the BNP, which can only further cause nationalist fragmentation.

Zionist groups like English Defence League and Britain First have seemingly attempted to hack away at the remnants of the BNP and it’s main foot soldier core, leaving our once prominent party in a poor state in comparison to years gone by. Contrary to popular speculation, the BNP…

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Victory As British Law No Longer Bends To Left Wing Political Correctness


“Serves you right” a left wing Anti Fascist politically correct Marxist burglar who targeted home of ex-rugby player was told.

A left wing politically correct Anti Fascist was told that he “got what he deserved” after he was tackled breaking into the home of a former rugby player.

Anthony Hall and Stephen Whitfield
Suspected left wing Anti Fascist politically correct fruitcake on the ‘left’ of the above picture, and true hero Steven Whitfield on the ‘right’ of the above picture.

Alleged left wing Anti Fascist member and vile politically correct Anti British Marxist Anthony Hall was left battered and bruised after trying to steal a television from strapping 6ft tall Stephen Whitfield.

Photographs of Hall’s injuries were shown to Judge Howard Crowson who said: “That’s the risk you take.”

Judge Crowson told defence lawyer Rachel Dyson that although Hall came off worst it was “no mitigation”.

The case is one of the first since homeowners were given more powers to deal with those who break into their homes. The move came after an outcry over victims being arrested for defending homes and businesses.

At long last we have some common sense prevailing within the U.K and left wing political correctness can no longer protect the evil and the bad within society.

Under the previous Labour Government, homeowners were prosecuted for protecting their homes and property from left wing Anti Fascist politically correct sickos who believed it was their right to just break in and take what they wanted.

The left wing always protect and cover for the wrong doers and the evil predators in society.
just like we saw in Rotherham and the horrific child abuse cover up by left wing politically correct sickos.

trafaret_uniteaga (1)

Until Hall came before Teesside Crown Court this week it was not known how effective the judiciary would be in dealing with such cases.

Last night Roy Rudham, of the UK Neighbourhood Trust, said: “This burglar got everything he deserved – and more. What better deterrent is there?

The common sense shown by the judge must also be congratulated.

Can we clone him for all our courts?”

We must weed out all politically correct left wing Marxists from positions of responsibility or authority within society.

Hall, 22, was jailed for three years and four months on Thursday after he admitted the September 8 burglary.

The judge told him: “It is inevitable if someone like Mr Waterfield finds someone like you in his home, that something like this might happen. That’s the risk you take.

“Mr Waterfield might have inflicted more injuries than he received, but most people would say ‘thank goodness he was not more seriously hurt’.”

We must ban all political correctness and restore sanity within the U.K

Last night Mr Waterfield, 48, said: “An Englishman’s home is his castle and he made a big mistake when he decided to come into mine. I was glad that the judge took the view that he got what he deserved.”

Mr Waterfield, a former flanker for Redcar rugby union club, said he was in bed at 12.30am in his flat in the town when he heard a noise. “I went to the living room and saw him with both hands on my TV,” he said.

“He lashed out at me and ran. I trapped him in the doorway and we started to scuffle. He was quite a strong lad but there was no chance he was going to get the better of me. I had him pinned to the floor.

“He took the chance to kick me in the face and that’s the point that he annoyed me. I thought ‘right son you’re getting a whacking’.”

Mr Waterfield suffered swelling to his right arm and wrist and a bruise under his right eye. Hall had gashes to his head, a bruised left eye and a swollen cheekbone.

Brave and charismatic figures like Joshua Bonehill, above, have been speaking up and campaigning to expose and remove all left wing political correctness and to stop the manipulation, intimidation and bullying of innocent people by left wing Anti Fascist politically correct thugs.

Only last year, Joshua Bonehill wrote several articles highlighting grooming gangs within the U.K, he was targeted and victimised by left wing politically correct Anti Fascist Marxists and leftist cranks who called him a racist and a fascist as they tried to silence him.

Joshua was interviewed by BBC Asian Network Radio and it was broadcast Nationally.

Shortly after this, victims of the Rotherham grooming gangs started to come forward.

Still to this day, Joshua Bonehill is fighting legal battles brought about left wing victimisation.

The Crime and Courts Bill with an amendment on self-defence was introduced last year but the Ministry of Justice stated: “Householders are only permitted to rely on the heightened defence if they are using force to defend themselves or others.”

Political Correctness Anti Fascist Hides Dead Mother in Freezer


Left Wing Politically Correct Anti Fascist Keeps Dead Mother in Freezer and Claimed Her Benefits.

GUILTY PLEA Philipe Brough pictured outside court at an earlier appearance
Suspected Politically Correct Left Wing Anti Fascist Philip Brough.

The left wing politically correct Marxist ‘hid his 90-year-old mum’s body in a freezer and fraudulently claimed thousands in benefits after finding her dead’ the Daily Bale has learnt.

A local resident told the Daily Bale – “we knew this bloke only in passing really, but all the time we have lived here it has always been known locally that he was involved with some kind of left wing politically correct weird Anti Fascist organisation and he operated accounts on Twitter under anonymous profiles.

Apparently he supported groups like ‘Hope Not Hate’ and ‘Unite Against Fascism’ you know the sort, the left wing politically correct communists and Marxists who like to spew all that politically correct nonsense and garbage about multiculturalism and the rest of that communist crap that just isn’t working in this country and the British people do not want.

All the people we know around here are either with Ukip or some other Patriotic movement or party, and everybody reads the Daily Bale, who doesn’t these days ?

There is big change going to happen in Britain in the future, but this sort of behaviour just goes to show why we need to expose these leftists and certainly stand up to this politically correct evil in our midsts by exposing those who push this barbaric communist left wing sick ideology”


Police found the body of Philipe Brough’s mother at the three-bedroomed, two-storey flat they shared in Wilmcote House, Tyseley Road, Somers Town, Portsmouth, during a search.

Louise Brough was ‘frozen solid’ in her nightclothes having been wrapped in a pillow and a duvet or sheet before being placed in a freezer in a ground floor room.

Brough had then wrapped cling film around the side of the freezer, secured it with tape, covered it with a large cardboard box and hidden it behind a mattress.

Police believe Mrs Brough had been dead for about five months.

Image too disturbing to show in full.

A post-mortem examination later revealed she had died of natural causes.

Now Philipe, 54, of Charles Street, Landport, Portsmouth, has been spared jail after he admitted preventing the lawful and decent burial of his mother’s body.

He pleaded guilty to failing to inform the Department of Work and Pensions his mum had died in order to fraudulently claim benefits paid to his mother and him as her carer.

hope not hate. U.A.F
Another case of left wing politically correct criminality and atrocity. We feel that the Rotherham atrocities were just the tip of the iceberg concerning what these vile people are capable of.

Portsmouth Crown Court heard Mrs Brough and her son had moved to the Wilmcote House flat in 1970 when Philipe was 11 years old after his dad died.

In later life Mrs Brough suffered from a raft of health problems including dementia.

She was last noted as being seen in public by a city council cleaner in September 2012, having become bed-bound.

Son Philipe, who has no previous convictions, was her sole carer, having quit his job to look after her.

Suspicions were aroused about Mrs Brough’s welfare when council staff tried to contact the pair last August regarding a £400 credit on her housing account and work being done to the block of flats which would have meant they had to temporarily move out.

Mr Brough at first told staff his mother had suffered a stroke and would not be able to understand the officers.

On quizzing residents they discovered his mother had not been seen for some time.

When Mr Brough called a housing officer to cancel a home visit on August 13, claiming he had a migraine, the officer alerted social services and police.

A police community support officer visited the flat but on getting no answer, police were called in.

When they got no answer from knocking they forced their way in through the front door and found Philipe Brough inside.

Mr Brough told officers his mother had gone to stay at his aunt’s in London, but checks revealed two addresses he gave did not exist and he was initially arrested on suspicion of murder.

Officers then searched the flat, but their work was hampered by a large amount of property inside it, which they described as being like the property of a ‘hoarder.’

They found the freezer plugged in and hidden in a ground floor bedroom.

Martyn Booth, prosecuting, said: ‘When the freezer door itself was opened it revealed the dead body of an elderly, white female who was dressed in her nightclothes.

‘The body was described as being frozen solid.’

Mr Booth said there is no evidence that Mr Brough, who suffers from depression, is responsible for his mother’s death.

In interview Mr Brough told police he had found his mum dead when he took her a cup of tea in the morning.

The court heard he couldn’t remember the exact date she died, but it was narrowed down to the end of February or beginning of March.

He said he had concealed his mother’s death as he ‘very much panicked’ on realising he would not be able to remain in their council-owned home.

Mr Brough said he had put her body into the unused freezer which had been bought the previous year and had ‘gone into shock.’

The court heard he fraudulently claimed a total of £5,390.04 in pension credit, state pension and attendance allowance meant for his mother, income support and carer’s allowance.

Of that £3,387.40 is outstanding.

Mr Booth said: ‘He effectively said he didn’t really know what he was doing at the time but once he had done this he found it very difficult to get out of it.’

The Daily Bale says – “yeah right, pull the other one”

The offences were committed between February 28 and August 13 when Louise Brough’s body was found.

Matthew Jewell, defending, said Mr Brough had suffered ‘some kind of breakdown’ at the time of his mother’s death.

Mr Jewell said: ‘The fraud arises, as does the ongoing concealment, from his desire for things to remain as they had been.’

He added: ‘This is not a wicked or evil offence, it is an offence borne of distress, of depression, of emotional breakdown.’

Brough was sentenced to eight months in jail suspended for a year, put under supervision for 12 months and told to pay £750 costs.

He was ordered to take part in eight education, training and employment sessions.

Addressing Brough, judge Roger Hetherington, sentencing, described his actions as ‘inexcusable’ but accepted they were not motivated by financial gain.

Judge Hetherington said: ‘What is inexcusable was to embark on the elaborate course that you did, involving a considerable deception over a period of time on dealing with your mother’s death in the way that you did.’

Political Correctness Left Wing Anti Fascist Marxist Monsters Beat Man Savagely


Left wing Anti Fascist Anti Ukip politically correct Marxist thugs beat man, 48, so badly he had to have metal plates inserted in his face just for asking them to stop their dog barking.

Michael Matthews was left unconscious with a caved-in eye socket and a bruised eyeball.

He was repeatedly kicked in the head by three left wing vile disgusting Anti Fascist politically correct sickos and weirdos after he had visited his neighbours to ask them to keep a noisy dog quiet.

Patriot, Michael needed four metal plates in his face to help rebuild his eye socket.

The leftist gang of politically correct Anti Fascist weirdos who crept up on their victim were jailed for a year each.

Hope not hate. U.A.F

It should of been life.

The British Public are sick and tired of these self righteous left wing Anti British Anti Fascist communists and Marxist sickos freaks and weirdos.

Michael Matthews was left unconscious, had a caved-in eye socket and had a bruised eyeball following the terrifying assault

A man was beaten so badly he needed four metal plates to hold his face together – and all because he asked his neighbours to stop their dog from barking.

Michael Matthews, 48, from Gloucester, was left unconscious with a caved-in eye socket and a bruised eyeball following the terrifying assault.

He was repeatedly kicked in the head by three teenage yobs after he had visited his neighbours to ask them to keep a noisy dog quiet, which had barked relentlessly for 12 hours.

trafaret_uniteaga (1)

But this week, the trio were jailed for a year each for the assault after a hearing at Gloucester Crown Court.

Mr Matthews said: ‘The dog had been barking for hours, and we were desperate for a bit of peace.

‘I went round to ask them nicely if they could stop the dog from barking.

‘From out of nowhere, they were next to me. My girlfriend said they kicked me when I was on the floor at least 30 times.

‘I’m just glad it’s all over now, it’s been a long two years. They never showed any remorse, contrition or shame – it was a pack mentality.

‘The lads tried to claim that the damage they’d done to me was from one punch, which is just ludicrous. If that’s the case then they must be related to Mike Tyson.’

He was greeted at the door by Rhys Roberts, 20, Lewis Knight, 19 and Scott Fry, 21, who were visiting a friend.


The three, all in their teens when the attack happened, then crept up on Michael as he returned to his house and furiously assaulted him, throwing him to the ground and kicking him in the head.
The victim needed four metal plates in his face to help rebuild a caved-in eye socket, had a bruised eyeball and suffered two broken fingers.

Michael was repeatedly kicked in the head by three teens after he had visited his neighbours to ask them to keep a noisy dog quietMichael was repeatedly kicked in the head by three teens after he had visited his neighbours to ask them to keep a noisy dog quiet

The assault happened in April 2012 and Michael and partner of nine years, Julie Tripcony, have lived in fear over the past two years.

Mr Matthews, a carpenter, had delivered a note the week before after the noise of a dog barking had kept him and Julie awake for weeks.

He said: ‘It still hurts like hell now, especially when it’s cold. It’s like someone pushing on my face all day.

‘I could never have imagined that going to their house could have ended up with something like this.

‘I’d popped a note through their door a few weeks before as this dog was barking 12 hours, day and night – we couldn’t sleep.

‘But when I went to the house and three men who didn’t live there answered the door, I suddenly felt pretty scared. But I asked could they please keep the noise down and then left.

‘I knew going round wouldn’t make much difference, but what happened next will stay with me for a good few years.

Jailed: Scott FryThug: Rhys RobertsGuilty: Lewis Knight
The three left wing politically correct Anti Fascist evil vile sick Marxist monsters.

‘Next thing I knew I was on the ground, covered in blood. I didn’t think I was unconscious, but I must’ve been knocked out. I staggered back to my house after people helped pick me up.

‘I’m a big bloke and I played rugby for years, so I’ve had my fair share of cuts and bruises. But they knocked me down and just kicked away from what I’ve been told.

‘The surgeon was convinced that I was hit with something, a weapon or a ring or something – that’s why there was so much blood.

‘My cheekbone and eye socket were compressed down into my face. My nosed had to be wired to my cheekbone there was so little left there and the four metal plates hold it together.

‘It was two weeks before the surgeons could even start on my face, but the job they did – I’m so grateful.’

Partner Julie, a nanny, saw the whole attack and had to put aside her terror to help Michael.

Michael and Julie have been left traumatised by the horrific beating, which happened in their street
Decent British Citizens.

Ms Tripcony said: ‘It was horrendous what I saw – I honestly thought Michael was going to die as they kicked away at him.

‘I still look at Michael and I’m stunned that a human being can take that sort of beating.
‘When I grabbed one of them to try and make them stop, I thought he was going to go for me. But he went back and just kept on kicking away.

‘It’s been a nightmare. I don’t think it’s all over and I hoped they would be out our lives for longer.

‘Just from the sheer amount of blood that Michael was covered in, and lost, it covered our house. We had to redecorate our hall and throw out the sofa.

‘It’s almost as if it still haunts us – it’s like a horror film. I’ve had counselling and thank God Michael has fully recovered.

‘But you can’t behave like this and get away with it – and it feels like that’s happened a little bit.

‘People need to know that a punishment fits a crime. And I want them to see what they’ve done.’
Mr Matthews has been forced to take a lot of time off work since the assault.

Gloucester Crown Court was shown graphic pictures of blood on the doorstep and spattered up a window where the attack happened during the case.

Roberts was found guilty of causing grievous bodily harm at trial earlier this year. Both Knight and Fry admitted the same charge after three trials in total.

On the proposition of a Racist Pride festival

Joshua Bonehill

I’ve often toyed with the idea of branding racism and adopting it as an affectionate title whilst legitimising it’s credibility and welcoming the great white British public to stand with me in racist unity, to the utter shock and fury of the cultural marxist degenerates.

Racist Sign Pic

Firstly as rationally minded people, we have to acknowledge the fact that racism is perfectly natural and exists in every healthy society. Racism exists because as human beings we notice when something is different to us, for instance we’ll point out when somebody is fat, thin, ugly, pretty and the list goes on.

We are all different, my skin is white and a Negro has black skin. to try and ignore these differences is in fact both intolerant and bigoted, in fact we should point these differences out and be proud to be different. It get’s tiring hearing people say “I’m not racist but..” or…

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Joshua Bonehill V Tesco: The evidence

Joshua Bonehill

In the article I created on the Daily Bale, ‘Ebola infection may have entered tesco foods in UK’ I never once directly accused Tesco of definitely being contaminated with the Ebola virus. I am now being taken to court under the Public Order Act 1986 (Contamination of goods) for writing this article, an offence that carries a ten year sentence.

Because of this blatant oppression of my free speech, I am now forced to prove my claims in the initial article and highlight the risk of ebola contamination in British food imports from Africa. All of the evidence provided in this article is entirely factual and references to information sources will be provided.

It should also be known that I intend to plead not guilty and force the court to up my case to crown court so that I may be given a platform to present these findings and clear…

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Two Tribes go to war: Joshua Bonehill V Tesco

As many of you will remember, I drew attention to the fact that British food imports from Africa that were being sold by Tesco and other major supermarkets were at risk from Ebola contamination in an article I published on the Daily Bale earlier this year.


After the fully justified and caring article went viral, I was subsequently arrested by Hertfordshire police under the Public Order Act 1986 (Contamination of goods).

Since giving a no comment interview to **evil politically correct police officers from Hertfordshire, I have received a Postal Requisition ordering me to attend St Albans court house in Hertfordshire on January 6th, 2015.

Firstly, I’d like to thank the Crown Prosecution Service for giving me this chance to publicly expose the risk of contamination to British foods from African imports. The CPS and magistrates court can be assured that I will be pleading not guilty and will be fighting this all the way to the crown courts if necessary.

I am very concerned about the risk of Ebola contamination for all British food imports from Africa, to put me on trial for this concern is ludicrous but it’ll give me both a platform and voice to express this concern. I have put together a large body of evidence voicing my concern, a dossier to be frank. This dossier will be presented to the courts and I will attempt to protect our people from this plague of deadly Ebola.

Criminal outfit Tesco, which is currently being investigated by the Serious Fraud Office, is Britain’s largest supermarket and owns a vast capitalist empire. I strongly suspect that Tesco has been applying pressure to the People’s Police force in order to see convictions brought against me, this I will also be investigating.

The maximum punishment for Section 38 under the Public Order act 1986 (Contamination of or interference with goods with intention of causing public alarm or anxiety) is 10 years in prison. I am to assume that Tesco’s lawyers will be pushing for the full sentence of 10 years. With this in mind,  I take no fear or anxiety of such a lengthy term and will embrace the time in solitude and isolation, strengthening my nationalist anti-establishment beliefs.

Billion pound capitalist outfit Tesco claims that I have caused loss or damage to their vast empire, me being a man of working class and humble means. I will also be bringing this to the fray, frankly I am concerned with Tesco’s growth and the level of local economy butchery that has unfolded as Tesco has grown.

Yes, indeed I will be standing in the docks on trial. but I will be acting as the People’s Prosecutor against Tesco and putting them on trial with a string of undeniable and true facts, provided within a vast body of evidence.

Joshua Bonehill

Joshua Bonehill

For voicing my concern about possible Ebola contamination, I am certainly not guilty of contaminating goods and there is no malicious intent behind any of my actions.

In the event of my imprisonment, I will be calling for a nationwide boycott of Tesco and staging a hunger protest in spite of my arrest.

Let it be known that I will fight this with every ounce of energy in my body, Tesco does not scare me with it’s empire or vast wealth, I know that the will of the people will lie wholly with my prosecution of Tesco.

Joshua Bonehill

**I stated that the police officer was ‘Evil and politically correct’ because she was more concerned about reading Left-Wing comments out during the Interview from Twitter and the Daily Bale, comments that bore no relevance to the interview and were said in spite to personally attack me.

The way how these comments were read by PC Emily Martin of Hertfordshire Police were done using a dramatic and manipulative voice, as if to personally manipulate me in what seemed to be a flaccid and pathetic attempt at ‘breaking me’. Suffice to say, because of the evil and manipulative nature of this police interview, I chose to go No Comment and walked away with my integrity and honour intact. I recognise that not all Police Officers are like this, in fact there’s many nationalistic officers within the force but unfortunately since the advent of New Labour, we’ve been forced to accept these ‘other’ politically correct police officers in order to ensure that both equality and diversity is maintained.