Race Traitor David Child betrays Nationalists everywhere

We’ve written on David Child the genetically inferior freak who has been kicked out of every single nationalist party he’s been in before. Well it seems that David is hellbent on causing problems for nationalists using his Twitter account @DaveNationalist to spread misinformation and actively collude with Marxist degenerates.


Weirdo and non-nationalist, David Child

33 year old Virgin, Child from New Maiden leaked the details and locations of several BNP meeting places to the left-wing after he was kicked out for being incompetent. Not only did he leak details of meeting places but he has been messaging nationalists on twitter in an attempt to gain personal details to shop to the police.

David is a distant relative of the Rothschild family and has strong connections to a plausible judaic heratige. Any Nationalist or respectable person who talks to Child should exercise extreme caution and take everything he says with a pinch of salt as he has Autism so is therefore not right in the head.

One look at David’s twitter account shows a recent history of his interaction and collusion with the Left-wing. He has also taken to blasting respectable and established Nationalists with vile abuse.

Sean Badman, Reporting for Daily Bale News