Joshua Bonehill Fight to Expose Grooming Gangs and Anti Fascist Cover Up


Eight jails now hold only sex offenders, says Chris Grayling

Number of sex criminals leaps 700 in a year to more than 11,000, forcing the Justice Secretary to change the way treatment programmes are offered in jail

Prison population projections are far higher than a set issued a year ago which predicted a far lower number of inmates

Left wing politically correct Anti Fascist perverts make excuses and try to cover up for paedophiles as we have seen recently in Rotherham, Manchester, Bristol, Birmingham, Oxford and countless other areas where left wing politically correct sick Anti Fascist groups have covered for paedophiles to enable them to continue to offend.


We must report not only suspected paedophiles, but also those suspected of covering for them who are just as bad if not worse in the fact that they are excusing and encouraging the abuse of children and putting even more of our children at risk with future predators who have been given the green light by left wing politically correct Anti Fascist paedophile apologists and collaborators.

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Eight jails in England and Wales now house only sex offenders as the number of abusers has rocketed to more than 11,000, Chris Grayling, the Justice Secretary, has disclosed.

He set out new plans to cope with the rise – largely driven by longer sentences being handed down – including restricting specialist treatment courses to high risk offenders only.

It means lower risk sex attackers will now no longer be eligible to take part in the courses and will instead be offered “more appropriate interventions”, a Ministry of Justice spokesman said.

Mr Grayling said it was a departure from a “one size fits all” approach, but critics will seize on the move as a failure to provide enough places on courses designed to stop sex crimes being carried out.
Eight jails are now wholly for sex offenders compared with five a year ago, with 20 more offering specialist courses.

Joshua Bonehill – Nationalist and Campaigner against left wing political correctness and Anti Fascist oppression, intimidation, manipulation and politically correct immorality in the U.K, has been exposing for some time now, the left wing militants and Anti Fascist left wing bullies and the extent to which they will go to cover up paedophilia and many other immoral and evil criminal activities.

Only last year, Joshua Bonehill tried to expose grooming gangs in the U.K, but he was targeted by left wing Anti Fascist groups and left wing Anti Fascist anonymous trolls on Twitter, and he was called a racist and a fascist by the left wing ‘paedophile apologists’ and left wing politically correct collaborators and supporters of paedophilia.

Joshua underwent a long and brave battle against these evil left wing Anti Fascists, during which time Joshua was slandered, victimised, hounded and verbally attacked across social media by left wing Anti Fascist perverts who were desperately trying to shut him up.


Joshua Bonehill is currently fighting a long legal battle for charges incurred whilst confronting left wing paedophilia and Anti Fascist oppression of freedom of speech.


The Justice Secretary did say: “As a Government we make no apologies for putting sex offenders where they deserve – in jail.

“But when they are there it is important that we deal with their offending behaviour – that means programmes consistent with the best evidence, targeted at those who pose the greatest threat.
“I don’t want a one size fits all approach which costs the taxpayer lots of money and doesn’t reduce
the risk posed by the most serious offenders.”

According to latest figures the number of sex offenders rose to 11,150, up 652 year on year. In comparison, the previous 12 months saw a rise of only 152.

The MoJ spokesman said: “The new approach targets those with the most prolific offending, who are a much higher risk to the public and more likely to reoffend on release, with lower risk offenders given more appropriate interventions to match their individual needs.

“Funding for treatment has been maintained and increased but resources are now being targeted where they are most needed providing a smaller number of longer, more intensive programmes for the most serious offenders to reduce their risk to the public.”

A series of reports by Nick Hardwick, the Chief Inspector of Prisons, have found there is a shortage of places available on sex offender treatment programmes, leading to some inmates being released without having undergone any courses to address their behaviour.


The eight sex offender jails are Albany on the Isle of Wight, Usk in Monmouthshire, Bure in Norfolk, Whatton in Nottinghamshire, Ashfield in Gloucestershire, Stafford, Rye Hill in Northamptonshire and Littlehey in Cambridgeshire.

The MoJ said the specialist jails included “designated treatment hubs”.

“Evidence shows that holding sex offenders together makes them more likely to engage in programmes.

“It is also better value to taxpayers as resources are targeted where they are most needed,” said the MoJ spokesman.

Another project at Whatton jail has seen sex offenders given drugs to reduce their libido, which the

MoJ said had led to “encouraging” results.

Last year a report from the National Audit Office found the number of treatment programmes completed by sexual offenders had dropped by around 5 per cent since 2010-11.