Joshua bonehill commissions new website

Joshua Bonehill is moving away from the Daily Bale to focus on pure political ideology at his new blog/website BonehillNET where he will attempt to outline a new ideology to bring Nationalism into the 21st Century.


Joshua Bonehill will still write his popular features at Daily Bale News but now the website will be mainly updated by our dedicated team of Nationalist journalists.

This is what Joshua describes as his ‘serious move into politics’ where he hopes to this website will serve as the stepping stone between now and a victorious nationalist future. Bonehill will eventually launch a new movement to which he sees as a step in the right direction.

The new website will also serve as Bonehill’s official voice and presence online where social media proves ineffective for carrying our message forward.

We wish Mr. Bonehill the best of luck and thank him for the inspiration, confidence and principle he has instilled into us whilst working here at Daily Bale towers.

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