Left-wing Sabotage twitter campaign to find missing child

Not everything we do is political, sometimes we like to help society and aid with missing child campaigns or tend to the most needy and vulnerable in society.


Earlier today we were contacted by a concerned member of the public who sought our help in finding a missing child, Ross Blacklock who is just 15 Years old and has been missing for a week.

In haste, we turned to Twitter and set up a Social media campaign to find missing Ross under the Twitter handle ‘FindRoss’. The campaign quickly gained the support and attention from celebrities who retweeted the missing child poster we had issued and it spread over Twitter quickly.


Within a matter of minutes, the left-wing had came onto the account and branded the non-political and innocent campaign as being ‘racist’, simply through our involvement. What followed next was paedophile left-wing account, @SLATfascists telling his left-wing friends to mass report the missing child campaign and have it removed from Twitter.


Subsequently the account was mass reported and taken down, the campaign sabotaged and potentially a child that could have been saved is now lost and this is directly because of the left-wing.

We hope that Ross Blacklock Is found safe and well, he’s been missing for over a week now and his family must be really concerned. It’s an absolute atrocity that the Left-wing sabotaged the campaign to find young Ross but this just further proves how evil the left-wing are.

Not only did the left-wing allow for 1400 children to be abused in Rotherham, they are now actively trying to stop missing children from being found. There has also been evidence proven that has linked the left-wing to PIE (Paedophile Information Exchange) during the 1970s. You have to ask yourself, just why so the left-wing want to hurt innocent children so much?

Peter Collagen. Reporting for Daily Bale News