Anti Fascist Left Wing Politically Correct Marxists Target Sikhs in Racist Outrage



Left Wing Anti Fascists Target Sikh Community By Using Racial Stereotyping To Label Grooming Gangs.


Left Wing Anti Fascists have again been using racial hatred to target Sikh Communities by using racial politically correct stereotyping and labelling all sex grooming gangs as ‘Asian’ rather than Muslim.

Sikh outrage over the despicable ‘politically correct’ sick left wing Anti Fascist racism of calling Muslims “Asians” instead of what they are: “Muslims”

The Sikh Federation in Britain accuse mainstream UK media and Anti Fascist sick perverts of ignoring efforts to get them to stop using the generic (and virtually always erroneous) term ‘Asian’ when, in fact, what they should be labelling them is ‘Muslim.’


The Daily Bale fully stands by all the good decent Patriotic loyal Sikh Community in the U.K against these evil sick vile left wing Anti Fascist groups and politically correct left wing sick perverts who target Sikhs for no reason but pure hatred and racism.

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It is only a matter of time that all Communities start to realise what these sick evil left wing mainly white British Anti Fascist politically Correct groups have been doing – targeting and stereotyping races as one group of people and trying to condemn whole sections of Communities as one people in a disgusting act of blatant left wing racism.

Before they started to do this, the left wing politically correct Anti Fascists were actually trying to ‘cover up’ grooming gangs as we saw in Rotherham, but now they are trying to hide the fact that they covered it up by blaming all communities by labelling them as ‘Asian’ grooming gangs in a disgusting act of racism and stereotyping.


The Sikh Federation (UK) press release issue titled: ‘Abandon term ‘Asian’ and call a spade a spade for the sake of child victims’ has largely been ignored by the mainstream media”, informs another press release by the UK Sikh body.

In part this is no surprise as it criticises the media itself for being on the political correctness bandwagon. It is easy for the media to keep using the word ‘Asian’ and not be specific. Journalists should however view this as a form of self imposed censorship.


Being specific about perpetrators of a crime is not expressing views that encourage racial or religious hatred, instead it is exposing the truth and ensuring communities from which the perpetrators originate and those in positions of power address the serious problem at hand.


Whilst the mainstream media may have deliberately ignored the Sikh Federation (UK) press release it has struck a chord with leading politicians. Both the Home Secretary and the Leader of the Opposition retweeted the press release within hours of its release. This implies senior politicians are far more sympathetic with the line being taken by the Sikh Federation (UK) – the media has a duty to follow this up.


Hundreds of non-Sikhs have retweeted quotes by Bhai Amrik Singh, Chair of the Sikh Federation (UK) from the press release. Many have also positively responded to the Sikh Federation (UK) tweets. For example, in response to the tweet:

Truth-Honest comment

The Sikh Community are furious – and quite rightly so.


It is time for the media, police, local authorities and others to abandon political correctness and stop using the throwaway term ‘Asian’



Comments by members of the Community.

‘These left wing Anti Fascists need to be very careful, they are upsetting a lot of people’

‘This is the most sensible suggestion I have read to date, well done.’

‘Please see what the Sikhs have asked. Drop the term ‘Asian’ it is misleading & offensive’

‘Absolutely brilliant, well said. Thank God for our friends in the Sikh community who love and care about Britain!’

‘Pity there`s not 4 Million Sikhs in the UK’

‘Indeed.. hard working resourceful people.’

‘Fully supported here. They use the term “Asian” as a deliberate attempt to fog the reality of what’s been happening.’

‘My wife is Japanese. She finds it offensive. No one uses “European” to describe French, Germans etc.’

‘Totally agree mate it’s turning and needs to! Stops tarring decent upstanding Asian communities.’

‘Agreed. As far as I know, most of the “Asian” perpetrators were of Pakistani origin. Why not say so?’

‘I agree 100%! I have been saying this for years! It’s an insult to Sikhs.’

‘BTW, re 2011 riots when some of you guys came out & guarded your temple. So proud you were British!’

‘Totally agree. The truth is out there, do use it. Muslim Grooming Gangs. Its not bigoted or racist. It’s the truth!’

‘Wouldn’t it be just ideal thing to replace UK Islamics with our Sikh friends. I’m very sorry you have been smeared by the media’

‘Sikhs are honourable people, their culture is the antithesis of Muslim culture.. they treat women as equals.’

‘Totally agree. I’m sorry media implying Sikhs involved in Rotherham abuse by only using term ‘Asian’’

’I agree, time to put the blame firmly where the blame and guilt lies…’