Joshua Bonehill: Surrender is not an option

It Always makes me laugh when I see the left-wing are so shocked to realise that I’m not going to just suddenly give up. Just because I’m going through court and have various charges for crimes against the left-wing pending, why should I just disappear?


‘The bad smell that won’t go away’, is one way of putting it if you are a left-wing pervert who is aware of just how devastating my offences against the left-wing have been.

The truth is that I have no intentions of just ‘giving up’ because I refuse to live in a country corrupted by cultural Marxism and polluted with left-wing political correctness. I have a duty to perform and my political agenda is set with the best yet to be seen.

The Daily Bale is not a movement but it is a message, a message or change and hope so that the people may awake and realise what is happening in our country.

Whilst I am not currently on Twitter or any form of social media, I am silently working behind the scenes and constructing a new idea that I beleive is the future of British nationalism.

This year we have laid the foundations for the future ahead. Many have suggested that I stand next year In the general elections but I am undecided upon this yet. For me, the five years after 2015 leading up to the 2020 general elections will be the pivotal years in this struggle.

Yes – there is the very real possibility that next year I may face imprisonment but this is a very small sacrifice to pay for the advancement of our revolution this year.

Yet faced with a campaign of demoralisation and attempted slandering of my name, I still stand as determined and fixated on saving this nation and nothing will stop me.

The bad smell that won’t go away will continue to smell until they are so overcome that they are forced to run away and disappear from British society for good.

Joshua Bonehill