Ferguson Riots: Rise of the Planet of the Apes

The scenes coming out of Ferguson resemble cult film ‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes’ as Negroes are staging a rebellion against America’s White community for no reason whatsoever.


Negroes take to the streets in Ferguson

Negro Thief and degenerate Michael Brown was rightfully shot by White hero, Darren Wilson who was defending himself from coming under attack by the Negro and his compatriot Negro, Dorian Johnson.

It’s clear that Wilson was acting in defence of his life as any serving police officer would when coming under attack by a swarm of relentless Negro insurgents.

Negro Brown attempted to shoot Police officer Wilson with his own Firearm. The gallant police officer acted rightfully in defence of his life when he shot Brown fatally. This was never about the Brown colour of Brown’s skin, this was simply about the American right to defending your own life.

The shooting of Brown sparked riots primarily centered in Ferguson, Missouri where Brown was killed as thousands of Negroes took to the streets in order to further cause violence and unrest within a white community.

Negro insurgent leader and terrorist, Reverend Al Sharpton further called for Negroes to arm up and take to Americas streets In a show of violent anti-white insurgency.


Negroes arm up and prepare for battle

Threats have been made against white people on social media websites like Twitter as Negroes threaten to enact revenge against innocent white folk for the justified murder of Brown.

Why does this not happen when a White boy is shot dead by a Negro police officer? It seems to be that whenever a Negro is slain, it’s classified as racism yet when a White is killed this is seen as perfectly acceptable.

The riots quickly spread throughout the United States as Negroes pushed their brand of African tribal violence into the open, putting more lives at risk and destroying businesses.

Alongside the Negro insurgency, Marxists and vile left-wing perverts have been assisting in the violent carnage. No doubt the Negro uprising has been handcrafted by Cultural Marxists who hope this is their chance for all out revolution in America, using the Negro as foot soldiers.


Negroes slay white people in the streets

We have to recognise that the behaviours displayed by Negroes in this uprising are akin to that of their tribal ‘brothers’ In Africa. The Negro culture is incompatible with White culture and the violence in Ferguson comes perfectly natural to the African Negro populous who live in a lawless society.

The concept of Law is a Nationalist idea that keeps the folk together in harmony. Negroes can not understand what Law enforcement is, this simply does not exist in Africa therefore you can not expect Negroes to adhere to it in White countries.

Again, cultural Marxist multiculturalism is to blame for the events unfolding in America and whilst the doors are open to non-whites, we can expect to see more violence in the future at the hands of the Negro community.

Meanwhile Obama sits powerless in the oval office – Wake up America and save your country before its too late, you’re becoming South Africa II.

Joshua Bonehill