Negroes are responsible for Slavery

The white guilt complex is built on lies and deception, created by a culturally Marxist agenda to hide the truth – Negroes are responsible for Slavery.


Turn of the century Negroes enjoying watermelon

The slave trade in Africa had been present long before the White man was offered his share of Negroes but it was never the White man who captured the Negro, it was indeed the fellow Negro.

Slavery in Africa is part of the culture, heratige and identity. We as white people never created slavery, nor did we  enforce it – we were simply customers of a long standing and favourable product.

Most Negroes of the time were glad to be enslaved and despite what Hollywood tells us about the treatment of Negroes in the Americas, we know that Negroes were kept well and given humane living conditions.

It was Negroes who hunted fellow Negroes in Africa to put into the slave trade as the Negro slave was a great export for these Negro countries. The only brutality used was at the hands of Negroes, not at the hands of white men.
When Negroes entered slave ships, they were greeted by fellow Negroes who placed them into irons. The white man had no interest in beating Negroes, his primary concern was navigating the ship back to the homeland.

After slavery was outlawed in white countries, many Negroes elected to remain slaves as they loved this way of life which was indeed their culture.

The abolition of Slavery was inhumane because it forced Negroes to adopt a white lifestyle which is a culture different to their own from back in Africa.

Negroes should be roaming around the plains of Africa with a spear in one hand and a shield in the other, not dressing up in white men’s suits and changing their cultural identity.

If the world governments of the time had of just sent the Negroes back to Africa after the slavery abolition, then Negroes wouldn’t be the anxiety ridden people they are today.

In 1631 a fleet of Negroes of the Barbary Pirates, sailed up to Ireland and committed an atrocity almost forgotten today.

‘The sack of Baltimore’ as it became known occurred when Negro slave traders enslaved the entire population of whites who lived in the village of Baltimore, West cork.

In all, it’s estimated that 208 people were captured by Negroes and entered a life of Slavery. As soon as they were captured, the white folk of Baltimore were taken back to Africa and remained slaves under Negro masters for the rest of their lives.

Reports of Negro raids were common around England at the time. Not only were people from Africa being enslaved but so were white folk of the European nations.

Joshua Bonehill