Facebook ban Joshua Bonehill but allowed Lee Rigby to be murdered

More often then not if you are a Nationalist and use Facebook or Twitter than at some stage your account will become suspended because your views are deemed ‘offensive’, yet today it was proved that Facebook didn’t flag a plot to murder Lee Rigby – What is going on?


Had Facebook of reported a post by Islamic extremist Michael Adebolajo to UK security services in which he announced his intent to murder Lee Rigby 6 months before he did then Lee Rigby would still be alive today.

Despite what Facebook says, the social networking website is a hive of Left-wing and Islamic Extremism. Organisations Like Hope not Hate and Unite against Fascism are allowed to have Facebook pages to promote their brand of anti-white hate.

Nationalists and right-wing politicians like Joshua Bonehill have had their Facebook pages removed for simply exposing the truth and attempting to stop Islamic and left-wing terror in the United Kingdom.

The same can be said for Twitter as well, given that ISIS and left-wing extremist groups use Twitter as a platform for communication and yet this is allowed whereas yet again Joshua Bonehill had his popular twitter account pulled for exposing these people.


It’s clear that there is an anti-white, cultural Marxist and thoroughly left-wing agenda behind social networking. They can keep deleting our accounts and stopping us from spreading the truth but we will keep coming back!

Peter Collagen, Reporting for Daily Bale News.