Anti Fascist Network Exposed Again For Left Wing Sick Sex Crimes


Another case of shocking left wing Anti Fascist perversion and evil political correctness sickness.

James Warmer

Labour Party election candidate James Warmer who filmed up underage girl’s skirts escaped jail this week, but he must take part in a three-year sexual treatment program me.

Norwich Crown Court was shown CCTV footage of Craig Warmer, 22, stooping down to lift up an under age girl’s skirt and then filming it at Boots in Castle Mall, Norwich.

The court heard that Warmer had lifted another girl’s skirt outside a school, and had sexually assaulted a female he followed in Dereham.

Warmer, of Hyde Road, Dereham, appeared at Norwich Crown Court for sentencing, after pleading guilty at an earlier hearing to two counts of outraging public decency and one count of sexual assault.

He was handed a community order with three years’ supervision and the requirement to attend the Thames Valley sex offender group work treatment program. A sexual offences prevention order was also made for three years, and he was placed on the sexual offenders’ register for the same amount of time.

Prosecutor, Christopher Morgan said the first offence took place in Dereham on November 27 last year. “Warmer started walking behind a young female before grabbing her buttock hard in Sandy Lane,” he said. She took a photograph of his back, and DNA from her coat matched Warmer’s.

The next two offences took place while he was on bail. A girl was walking to school from Castle Meadow on January 30.

As she got to the school gate she was aware that her skirt was being lifted up, so she tried to put it down. The man lifted it up again and he kept hold of it.

The last incident took place in Boots on February 2. Mr Morgan said: “The defendant was seen on CCTV to lift up a girl’s skirt in the aisle, and then film it on his iPhone.” The girl was underage.

Jonathan Morgans, for Warmer, said he had strong family support. He said his “bizarre deviancies” showed he had no control of his desires, but added he wanted to make sure it did not happen again.

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Do you know or suspect an Anti Fascist left wing sex pervert who may have access to Children ?

Here is a list of known Anti Fascist Anti British left wing organisations, and one that may be near you.

If you know of somebodies involvement with one of these sick groups and you may be concerned over a Child’s safety who that person may have access to, then please inform the police or local authorities now. Please check the list below and then your friends lists for possible members.


AFA Ireland
Anti-Fascist Action for Greece
Anti-Fascist Archive
Anti-Fascists Online
Antifa Channel Islands
Antifa North Wales
Antifa Surrey
Belfast Antifa
Bradford Anti-Fascist Network
Bristol Anti-Fascist Co-operative
Cambridge Anti-Fascists
Derry Anti-Fascists
East Midlands Anti-Fascists
EDL News
Exposing the EDL
Grantham Solidarity Network
Hastings Anarchists
Lincoln Against Racism and Fascism
Malatesta’s Blog
North West Anti-Fascists
North West London Anti-Fascists
Northumberland Antifa
Norwich Anti-Fascists
Nottingham Anti-Fascists
Oxford Anti-Fascists
Plymouth Anti-Fascists
Portsmouth Nazi Watch
Scotland United Against the Racist SDL
Stand Against Fascism
Stop MFE
Support the Tower Hamlets 286
UK Aktion
Welsh Anti-Fascist Action
West London Anti-Fascists
West Midlands Anti-Fascists
West Yorkshire 161 Crew
Wolverhampton Anti-Fascists
Worthing Anarchists