Why stop searching Blacks is not racist

Police have recently come under fierce criticism by politically correct organisations who deem the police ‘racist’ for stop and searching Negroes but actually the only racists are the organisations pointing this out.


On average, just as many white people are stop and searched by police officers as there are Negroes getting stop and searched. There is nothing racist about stopping a Negro In fear that he may go on to perpetuate a crime, this is just crime prevention.

The left-wing organisations that accuse the police of being racist because they stop search blacks are In fact racist themselves. These politically correct quangos are identifying that black people are getting stopped because ‘they are more likely to commit crime because of their skin colour’, it’s only the left-wing who are saying this – not the police. 


There are also recognised social studies that prove the common street Negro is twice as likely to carry a ‘shank’ or firearm because of Negro culture that supports extreme left-wing violence.

There are also more Negroes currently in British prisons than any other race – this is fact, not racism.

Under the common street Negro is what typically we would call the ‘Wigger’ or in sensible language, Race-Traitors.


The Wigger will attempt to emulate the Negro out of both guilt and inadequacy but this also relates to criminal behaviour as well.

Indeed a lot of white people who enter the criminal system and end up in our prisons are also left-wing wiggers and this criminal behaviour can be directly attributed to Negroes.

The reason why crime rates are so high within Negro culture is simply because multiculturalism has failed. The typical Negro feels at odds with white culture and has lost his identity as an African tribesman where law is unheard of, therefore he attempts to bring this unlawful way of life into white culture and this results in criminal behaviour.


A Typical common Street Negro

We shouldn’t say ‘Crime is a Negro attribute’ or ‘All Negroes commit crime’, however we should recognise that Negroes come from an incompatible culture where crime is the norm in an  unlawful society. It is not the fault of the Negro that he is classified as a criminal in Britain, it is the fault of multiculturalism that has brought the Negro to Britain.

Furthermore, it is perfectly acceptable to refer to Negroes as ‘Negro’ as this is what they are – Negroes. Whites are Caucasians but literally the term Negro means ‘Black’ in Latin and certainly referring to them as Negroes is a lot more polite than referring to them as Blacks because of their skin colour.

Indeed Martin Luther King Jr referred to his race as being ‘Negro’, therefore we should stop calling them ‘blacks’ and rightfully refer to them as Negroes because MLK Jr is somewhat of an authority and spokesperson for the Negro Race.

Joshua Bonehill