Nationalist Future: A step in the right direction

The biggest problems we as Nationalists face at the moment are Neoconservativism, objectivity and the schism that has emerged between different nationalist parties and movements.


Aside from these main issues, nationalists are becoming easily susceptible to Marxist brainwashing and a culture of gullibility is emerging from the foot soldiers who make up the vast majority of our movements.

Nationalism also lacks a voice in Britain, there is now not one figure or person who stands out as the voice of nationalism with passion, charisma or enthusiasm which results in the decline of Nationalist hope as our supporters flock towards neoconservative parties like UKIP or Britain First.

We lack a common vision, a goal and indeed many have depressingly lost optimism and resorted to defeatism in the face of the Left-wing enemy.

Where Judeo neoconservative movements like UKIP, Britain First and the EDL have sought to hijack nationalism in exchange for false promises and poor policy, the death of British Nationalism seems to be directly ahead of us.

So we have to draw the line and remodel British Nationalism entirely to take a step in the right direction towards mass electoral victory.

Where the enemy has hijacked our brand, Ideology and supporters – we must hijack theirs and use it against them to position ourselves as a political power once more.

National Action is working towards securing the future of Nationalists with their ambitious movement and we now need to be looking to the next generation to carry the Nationalist flame forward into a future of hope and optimism.

The infighting and bickering among nationalist movements bas become toxic to the point where Nationalists will now report eachother to the police. To draw the line with the infighting we will have to make a very clear point – You are either with us or against us.

Those who choose not to support us, choose not to support nationalism and must therefore be seen as brainwashed by the left-wing.

We must recognise that our party or movement will be the only legitimate Nationalist group in Britain and anybody else who claims to be a Nationalist yet isint with us must be acting against nationalism to split the vote and cause disunity.

There is no place for egotistical fantasists, Retards or general wastes of space within nationalism. We need to emerge as a strong, smart and intelligent movement with a clear set agenda that sets us apart from the rest.
We will adopt new policy and defend the right to free speech in Britain, along with exposing cultural Marxism and working tirelessly to stop white genocide.

Defence of Free Speech must become the premier nationalist argument as this is our only tool to expose Judeo cultural Marxism. If we don’t have Free Speech then they will eliminate our movements and parties using the law, silence our speakers and internet activists with prison sentences – Free Speech is pivotal to nationalist victory.

The fixation of Islam needs to stop as this is what our enemies want us to do. Storming Mosques and attacking Muslims is ineffective and doesn’t win votes. Whilst we will recognise the threat that Islam plays to white British culture, we must also recognise that Islam is only a symptom of a wider problem.

Going after Islam is like attempting to stab your enemy in the hand when really you need to be aiming for his heart in order to end his life, thus securing victory over the enemy.

The future of nationalism must have strong policy in the area of economics and we must promote the merger of a socialist economy with a capitalist economy and secure the best of both worlds. A healthy economy needs a strong public sector, backed up by a fair private industry. People should be able to earn as much money as they want but money shouldn’t make one man better than his neighbour – we are all equals in that respect.

For instance, instead of having a first class section on the trains for rich people, we should just make the entire trains first class. We will nationalise the rails but select the British private industry to build our trains and add incentives for the private industry to flourish, thus creating more British jobs for British workers.

Heavy emphasis must be placed on the banks. The Judeo-Capitalist system works on the evils of usury and greed which ultimately makes us the people losers. One Bank is enough for the British people, a bank that is ran by us and regulated by the state to ensure fairness and equality for all britishers.

UKIP have already stolen the Anti-EU argument so we will take the free speech and economic arguments but continue to promote Anti-Euopean Union values.

When it comes to immigration, we should allow sensible immigration between us and nordic, Germanic counties which essentially are our racial cousins and their culture is entirely compatible with ours.

Instead of the European Union, we should look to form an ‘Anglo Union’ with Germanic countries to promote trade and secure a healthy relationship with sensible European countries. The Eurozone must end and no country can be greater or stronger in this proposed union. There can be no unelected officials and no European Parliaments, an Anglo Union would simply focus on a trade relationship.

Future Nationalism must offer an alternative to the current democratic system. We need true democracy in favour of the people instead of the party political agenda and theatrical performance that currently takes place within the palace of Westminster.

Elected members of parliament should be vetted thoroughly and come from the local constituency area for which they will stand. MPs salaries should be no greater than £22,000 a year which is more than generous for a working person in employment.

All of this must be implemented into a new Nationalist Political party.

As nationalists in a political party, our duties shouldn’t just be focused around the party itself but the wider community from which our branches will be based. We must be prepared to help the poor, solve local issues and unite the community. We can not just be a political party, we will also be a social and community group.

We as a Party will brew our own beer and sell it to pubs at cheap rates, we will produce bread and homegrown British products to set up shops on our empty high streets to sell this produce at a cheap rate for the local population. Our shops will be owned by our party members and we will employ local British people to run them.

We will create ‘Community Patrols’ to help the local community in dealing with problems. Our patrols will help drunken people when they have had a drink too many, we will help the homeless and the vulnerable and we will issue community policing and support, operating within the law and alongside the police.

When we knock doors to canvass and promote our party, we will listen to the people with honour and integrity – a knock at the door isint just a plea for a vote but it’s an opportunity to join our family.

We recognise that as Nationalists the local and national media will always take a stance against us. A political party will need to publish its own newspaper but not just available to party members, available to the whole courtry.

Whilst this would prove costly, we should print our own newspapers in local constituency areas which deal with local issues and sell them at our shops with a local subscription service backed up with local news websites. I have proved this effective with the Daily Bale, now picture a copy of the daily bale through the letter box of every house on your street.

We don’t have to be in power to make a difference, we can make a difference as a Party working towards being in power. If we prove ourselves to the people then the people will give us a chance in office.

We won’t just be a political party, we’ll be a family and an institution within local communities accross the country.
This comrades, this is how we save the courtry and revive Nationalism. I am presently developing these ideas with the intent of setting up a party in the coming months.

If you wish to be involved in the future of British nationalism then by all means, get in touch and work with me. I can be contacted via

Joshua Bonehill