National Black Police Association: Anti-white Police Racism

The National Black Police Association (NBPA) is an exclusive membership association open only to Black Police officers in the United Kingdom. Why is it that this racist organisation is legal?


The NBPA first opened it’s doors to Negro membership in 1996 in a bid to increase the number of Negro police officers in Britain and show Negro ‘Strength through unity’ on the frontlines of policing.

White police officers are allowed to support the NBPA but they are denied membership because of the colour of their skin – this is racism!


Negros and Non-whites are fastly taking over the police force

In 2008, the British National Party was forced to open up their membership to non-whites by the equality commission yet the National Black Police Association remains a ‘black only’ membership organisation.

White Police officers do not have the luxury of a National White Police Association as this would be seen as racism because they are white, so then why are Negroes allowed one?

The NBPA is a product of cultural Marxism and further evidence of White Genocide in motion. Here we see a clear plot to exterminate the white police officer and replace him with the Negro police officer to ensure that white people are controlled by non-whites at the hand of Marxist tyranny.


If a White Police officer attempted to join the NBPA then obviously he would be denied entry on the basis of his skin. Clearly there is a strong case here that can be taken to the European Court of Human rights and indeed the English criminal justice system as this is undeniable racism.

The White man is being deprived of his position and role within the police force, being placed second to that of the Negro police officer and is treated differently because of his skin colour.

When a white police officer performs a ‘stop and search’ on a Negro, often this is considered as racism by the Marxist and Negro communities yet when a Negro Police officer performs one on a White then this is perfectly acceptable?

White Police officers are being prejudiced and mistreated because they are White. If you are a Negro then you by far have a greater chance of career progression within the British police as opposed to the White Man. There are incentives, equality drives and all sorts of benefits to being a Negro in the police force.

So there we have it – the NBPA is a racist organisation and is getting away with and anti-white agenda.

Joshua Bonehill