Deport Elisabeth Pop

I have about 1000 email accounts signed up to Hope not Hate in order to receive email updates and wreak havoc upon their inbox system but recently I received a plea from Elisabeth Pop of Hope not Hate that I felt compelled to publicly respond to.


Elisabeth Pop from Romania is a Hope not Hate senior officer and has actively collaborated in a campaign of Anti-white hate against the British People.

Originally from Romania, it seems that Pop was groomed by Nick Lowles and given a office with a nice salary in order to spread vile anti-white race hate. In the email above, pop makes a plea to remain in the UK and then claims to speak on behalf of 85% of the British public (Which is the biggest lie going) and claims that her work with Hope not Hate justifies her right to remain in the UK. 

Elisabeth Pop is a Marxist hate preacher and extremist. Her work with Hope not Hate is work against the Majority of British people – therefore the 95% of us demand that she is deported immediately and sent back to Romania.


Elisabeth Pop supporting vile race hate group, Hope not Hate

People like Elisabeth Pop give the romanians a bad name. Indeed Elisabeth would be hated by her own people who suffered tyranny at the hands of the Soviet union after WW2 when their country and folk were betrayed after they sided with the allies in 1944.

Romania then went through years of tyranny and oppression by left-wing communists so therefore the left-wing ideology is rejected by most normal romanians. Elisabeth however has decided to continue with this evil left-wing ideology, therefore going against the majority of her own people in Romania.

We should allow immigration from nordic, Germanic counties in Europe as these people are our racial cousins but there has to be a line drawn with people like Elisabeth Pop.

Elisabeth Pop is no different to an Islamic Hate preacher, she has come to Britain to spread vile race-hate against whites and therefore should be deported immediately.


Weird left-wing anti-white racist, Elisabeth Pop

Indeed the majority of British people want Elisabeth Pop and people like her deported – I speak with absolute confidence and sincerity in saying this.

Joshua Bonehill