Joshua Bonehill framed in left-wing twitter conspiracy

I have stated time after time that I am not currently on Twitter yet I have discovered what appears to be a plot designed to see me remanded in custody before my next court appearance.

As stated in this post here and then more recently here, there is a ‘blame bonehill’ campaign at large which is currently alleging that I am responsible for running accounts on Twitter that are harassing people – this is simply untrue.
I have noticed that today these fake accounts have been contacting witnesses in my on going court cases. The accounts which have changed their name to ‘leaderbonehill’ and a variety of other names that I have used in the past are pretending to be me to ensure that I am arrested for breaking bail conditions and then therefore remanded in custody.

My bail conditions are not to have any contact with the witnsess in my cases – I have not had any contact with them during the time I have been on bail.

I beleive that these fake accounts are being operated by the left-wing witnesses themselves in an attempt to frame me as they were upset I was not imprisoned past Friday at my court hearing.

This matter has been logged with the police but I feel the need to draw public attention to this given my current circumstances.

The simple fact of the matter is that I am not on Twitter currently under any guises, alts or usernames nor can I be held responsible for my supporters actions.

Joshua Bonehill