Hate Not Hope: Why hating the Left-wing is a good thing

Left-wing Perverts – society’s rejects, super creeps and degenerate weirdos. Hating the left-wing is pivotal to destroying them, there can be no sympathy or friendship as these vile parasites will always stab you in the back to benefit their sick agenda.


Anybody who announces their loyalty to the left-wing should instantly be viewed as an ‘enemy of the people’ as what essentially they are declaring is that they hate white people and have betrayed their race to side with the Jews.

There is no such thing as a ‘good Marxist’, they are all the same and have just one agenda – the complete and total destruction of our race and nation.

You’ll notice how civic nationalists and Nancy boys frequently legitimise the left-wing and treat them as some form of recognised and respected political force. This kind of Left-wing appeasement personally makes me wretch as it’s like watching a murderer killing somebody without being able to do anything to stop it.

Throughout every major facet in society, the left-wing seem to appear and have positioned themselves in places of ‘false authority’ over the people as to dictate their plan and ensure cultural Marxism is widespread.

The left-wing will rely on tactics of manipulation, demoralisation and mental traumatising to ensure you do not get in their way. This is why the left-wing are evil, immoral and ultimately do not deserve a place within our race.

The evil and immorality of the left-wing knows no bounds as they target our children and weakest members of society in their brainwashing anti-white campaigns.

The argument people will often use in defending the left-wing Is ‘they deserve to have a political opinion’. Well political opinions are all very good but the left-wing don’t have one, their agenda is simply one of hate and destruction.

Left-wing so called ‘politicians’ should be viewed as hate preachers akin to Islamic extremists. Marxism is a bigger threat than Islam as Marxism has caused Islamic Extremism accross the world and therefore should be viewed as a terrorist belief.

9/11, 7/7 and the brutal slaying of Lee Rigby can all be attributed to judeo cultural Marxism. The 1400 children who were abused in Rotherham, the paedophilic red ripper murderer in Russia or even proven Jew jack the ripper – these are all left-wing atrocities.

As I have found out myself, when you step in the way of the left-wing then prepare to be slandered, attacked or even imprisoned as they will do anything they can to silence you.

These are not good people, they are pure evil and have no place in our society. Unfortunately at present there is very little we can do about them, the only true way of eliminating this threat from society is by forming a government voted in by the people.

Until we reach the stage of governance, we just have to deal with the Left-wing as if they were parasites and pests that need exterminating. There can be no legitimising of the Left-wing, no sympathy and no collusion – hate them!

Joshua Bonehill