Even Labour Party councillors support the Daily Bale

There’s nothing we like more than serving Labour Party Councillors and politicians sharing Daily Bale articles.

When a serving Labour Party Councillor by the name of Andrew Knight shared a link to a Daily Bale article earlier today, we were more than delighted.


This is evidence that even Labour’s own councillors are sick of the party as the whole left-wing ideology is starting to crumble and lots of daily bale articles find their way into the mainstream and crush cultural Marxism with iron brutality.


We have also noticed that many regular Labour party supporters and activists have been sharing daily bale articles recently. We understand the madness of political correctness and will help anybody who wants to break free of the tyranny and find freedom once more.

This marks a change in our ambitious adventure, an advancement and surely a glorious victory over the left-wing politically correct parasitical perverts.

We welcome Councillor Andrew Knight to the ‘Daily Bale family’ with full open arms and understand his grievances with the Labour Party fully.

Daily Bale officials will be making contact with the councillor in the coming days to suggest new and ambitious Nationalist policy for his constituency area in Cinderford West. We will guide the democratically elected councillor in the ways of true nationalism and seek to have a high level of input in the day to day running of Cinderford West.

We welcome all other local level councillors who have had enough with party politics, political correctness and indeed the judeo democratic system to defect to the Daily Bale and allow us to help with the running of your constituencies.