Joshua Bonehill’s statement: Court Summary

Joshua Bonehill, Nationalist Politician and Daily Bale News editor has prepared a statement in regards to the events of today at Yeovil Magistrates court.


‘I would just like to state how pleased I am with the outcome of today’s court visit. The possibility of a Crown Court trial will allow for the full facts and evidence to be presented In front of a jury so that the truth can finally be exposed’

‘Just yesterday there were many left-wing parasites who were claiming that today I would be behind bars and locked away in prison, this is not the case and therefore we can declare a victory over tyranny’

‘The white cause is a cause I am prepared to die for and there can either be victory or death in this ideological war of good versus evil. We are the side of good and I fully believe that providence will dictate the outcome of my future in the courts, next year’

‘I believe that true justice will prevail and the extent of evil used by the Marxist enemy in my case will be fully exposed for the general public to see with the outcome of this legal matter where we return to court’

‘We will soon be calling for a meeting in London for all Nationalists to discuss the future and I look to the potential creation of a revolutionary new movement that defends race, Nation and Free Speech’

Joshua Bonehill.