Joshua Bonehill walks from court, again

Joshua Bonehill’s sentencing has been adjourned until the 15th of January because of more offences relating to Labour Party MPs and Tesco.



Left-wing admit setting bonehill up

It is likely that the whole case will be moved up to Crown Court which means potentially Bonehill could be looking at a Nelson Mandela type of sentencing for doing nothing other than speaking the truth under his rightful free speech.

If the case enters crown court then this will be a historic landmark case in British History as bonehill will be the first Nationalist Politician sentenced to years in prison for free speech. Furthermore because of the internet nature of these crimes, Bonehill will be known as the biggest internet criminal in history.

This has just entered a whole new level entirely but Bonehill remains confident and will state his case in court fully. There is a clear judeo-Marxist  conspiracy to see Joshua Bonehill silenced and this is emerging in every facet of this case.

Joshua Bonehill will not surrender his political views nor will he be threatened by the judeo Marxist establishment.

This is an ideological War and only one side can emerge the victor. For bonehill it is either victory or death, there is no defeat and no surrender.

Bonehill has categorically stated that he is prepared to die for the Nationalist and free speech cause.

For Bonehill he will remain a free man over the festive period and continue full Nationalist duties as if nothing has changed. If you are against Marxism, Judaism or the establishment’s oppression of Free Speech then you should be supporting Bonehill.

Furthermore, Bonehill will be launching a new movement in the coming weeks. This will not be a political party but a revolutionary movement against the injustices faced by our people.

Bonehill will also be organising a rally for all Nationalists to attend at an upcoming date in London. The details of this will be posted in good time.

The left-wing are said to be outraged at the ruling of the court today and have took to Twitter to spread lies about Bonehill

Let’s look over some of the left-wing remarks from yesterday from the people who predicted Bonehill would be in prison today:




It is the view of this publication that the Left-wing have ‘well and truly had their arses handed to them’. Bonehill is said to be laughing at the left-wing tonight as he enjoys his freedom.

Peter Collagen, Reporting for Daily Bale News