Trolling is Soldiering

Trolling is always branded as meaningless or unworthy of recognition but actually the common internet troll has evolved in recent years.


The 'Trolldier' or 'Trollitician', a new dawn of political trolling

Trolls come in all different forms but the most effective and meaningful troll is definitely the ‘Trolldier’ – a political troll who fights for a cause.

In an age where people can’t really bothered to participate in street activism anymore, the internet can be harvested as prime hunting ground for the political activist.

Political Trolling can be the most effective form of trolling given the reactions caused by your excellent campaign of trolling against notable and enemy politicians.

Whether you manage to get Ed Miliband retweeting a photo of a serial killer that you claimed was your grandfather who supported Labour or you spread quotes that damage the credibility and reputation of rival politicians – this is all excellent political activism that is more effective than street activism.

Social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook belong to the people but you find that establishment politicians come along and dictate what you can and can’t say – remind them that social media is yours, not theirs!

With planned, organised and intelligent political trolling you can wreak havoc upon your political enemy using free speech as your honourable weapon.

Trolls in any shape or form are a good thing and shouldn’t be prosecuted by any law. Trolling is Free Speech but it’s also part of our culture now and should be respected as such.

Soon they’ll try and claim that trolling is ‘internet terrorism’ so enjoy the freedom whilst it lasts and get trolling for your cause.

Joshua Bonehill