Joshua Bonehill: On the eve of battle


Tomorrow I return to Yeovil Magistrates court where I am due to be sentenced in regards to being politically incorrect on the internet and fighting in the name of free speech.

The charges I stand guilty of are:

1 X Malicious communications for calling a left-wing pervert a paedophile
1 X malicious communications for calling a left-wing pervert a paedophile
1 X malicious communications for calling a left-wing pervert a paedophile
1 X malicious communications for calling a left-wing pervert a paedophile
1 X Harrasment for calling a left-wing pervert a paedophile
1 X malicious communications for calling a Jewish pervert a ‘Jew’
1 X malicious communications for calling a Homosexual pervert a ‘Queer’

The simple fact remains that the Left-wing are guilty of paedophilia by association after Rotherham and the countless other Labour party paedophilia cover-ups.

I only acted in retaliation to a vicious campaign of harrasment conducted by the so called victims in this case. The harrasment is documented within this website.

The Charges for calling somebody a Jew and a Homosexual are pathetic.

I have furthermore traced a conspiracy by the left-wing to silence me by using their Jewish influence with the media, crown prosecution service and labour party. The left-wing want to see me silenced for exposing the truth essentially and they think a short stretch in prison will be enough to stop me – well I can tell you that they are wrong!

At 1700 hours tomorrow on this very website there will be a statement issued from myself, regardless of my potential imprisonment. The statement will reflect the sentencing and my future and fate will be dictated through this.

Should I face imprisonment then know that the Left-wing will be doing everything within their power to cover up the truth and dirty my name. This website stands as a testament to both truth and justice and I ask all reasonable and intelligent people to only accept the truth that is printed on the daily bale.

I am a crusader of both truth and justice, a fighter of freedom and a staunch white nationalist. I have tirelessly worked to expose the vast cultural Marxist conspiracy and will continue to do this, regardless of my destiny as dictated tomorrow.

I love my race, my nation and the rich heritage of these lands and am prepared to die in order to defend this from the tyrannical claw of the judeo Marxist enemy.

I have been accused of ‘trolling’ whilst using Twitter, this is a charge I do not deny – trolling is soldiering, and in this age of the internet it is necessary to employ modern tactics to fight the left-wing enemy.

However with this said, my brand of trolling is purely political and designed to bring about change in Britain through intelligent campaigns and political statements.

Since opening the Daily Bale, nearly three million people have accessed this website with millions more hearing of our stories In the real world. I have spoken to people from every walk of life whether it be police officers, doctors or the general public – you have all shared my articles and know of the BALE and I thank you for your support and belief in our cause.

They can imprison my body but they will never imprison my soul. The belief and passion I have for this cause is eternal and in the event I am imprisoned I can guarantee that I will be back fighting on the frontines in this ideological war from the day of my release.

In 2011 I broke into a police station and stole police uniform, I wasn’t imprisoned. Since 2011 I have evaded prison for every political crime I’ve committed. I personally do not believe that I will be imprisoned tomorrow and have stated this throughout my journey.
Should I walk a free man then tomorrow will certainly be a tremendous day for British nationalism and free speech. In the event of my imprisonment then we will still hold victory over the left-wing because my imprisonment will only further validate the cause for which we fight.

It has been my absolute honour to voice the people’s struggle in recent months, a duty to which I will continue gladly.

This is an ideological war, tomorrow is just a battle but whatever the outcome – we will triumph!

With me to court tomorrow, I shall bring a large union jack flag which will sit in my pocket as I am sentenced. If they sentence me to prison then they will be sentencing the people to further injustice and tyranny.

I am hopeful that I will be allowed to make a speech in court, outlining the injustices faced by our people and the illegitimacy of the case against me.

Tragically, my family can not be there to support me tomorrow as threats have been made by the left-wing who have persistently targeted family members in a bid to get me to stop.

Let it be known that despite being on Bail, despite going through court I had continued to publish on the daily bale right up until the last moment. Indeed I even wrote and published daily bale articles whilst waiting to enter court.

So with that I March forward into tomorrow a lone wolf but a fierce thorn in the crown of the left-wing judeo-Marxist enemy. Do not give up on our fight, I expect every man to do his duty regardless of tomorrow’s verdict.

Hail Victory!

Joshua Bonehill