Blame Bonehill II

Earlier I wrote an article here where I showed how I am getting blamed for running a number of twitter accounts by the left-wing to incite violence or hatred towards me – well things just escalated.

Somebody who I have never had any contact with on Twitter is claiming that I Joshua Bonehill am ‘Grooming’ them using these alleged accounts which belong to me.

This you see is the ultimate aim of the ‘Blame Bonehill’ campaign, to destroy my public image and name thus rendering my voice silenced.

Accusations of Grooming are no laughing matter and should be reported to the police immediately.


Serial stalker? I'm a Nationalist politician, besides if I was going to stalk somebody it wouldnt be an ugly feminist



'grooming' accusations based on a left-wing account telling this child I am responsible

It works like this:

1) Left-wing set up fake account to troll people with and make suggestive comments to underage children.

2) Left-wing blame account on me being responsible for it.

3) Victim of troll account screams rape with no actual evidence against me but listens to fake left-wing account who says its me.

4) Vigilante violence and campaign of hatred directed towards me for doing nothing wrong.

As I have stated time after time again, I am NOT currently on Twitter and haven’t been for about four weeks.


Weird looking child who claims I groomed her, no thanks!

My advice to the child who genuinely believes these accounts are me is to go to the police with all of your evidence and put in a formal complaint against me.

I have done nothing wrong, continue to accuse me of ‘Grooming’ you can expect a knock at the door and arrest from the police under the malicious communications act.

I hope this article shows just how dangerous and evil the left-wing are. Where they can’t silence me, they are now working to destroy my reputation in devious other ways which could ultimately result in me getting hurt in a Vigilante attack based on false evidence.

Joshua Bonehill