Unemployment is a Jewish invention

It’s always the white working classes who suffer as of a result of unemployment but the truth is that unemployment itself is a complete lie and everybody would have a job in a fair and Nationalist society.


You may have noticed in recent years how hard applying for work has actually become? In years past we could simply hand in a CV and the prospective employer would get back to us with offer of an interview. Now with the advent of the Internet, actually applying for work itself is an arduous task and many are put off by the initial application process.

The whole application process is designed to put people off from applying, if you even bother to apply then the likelihood is that some PC do gooder will delete your application or throw it away in favour of a left-wing pervert.

The system for finding work at the moment is set up to benefit only left-wing politically correct parasites as to enforce global cultural Marxism through every facet in society.

So the government is forced to come up with a lie in order to explain unemployment among white working classes. The recession was the first manufactured event, followed by all the other major problems we were told that were happening to the economy. This massive falsity started in 2008 when Labour were still in power, later to be exploited by the conservatives who cut everything.

Debt/Usury which is a Jewish invention was the main cause of Britain’s recession and the key tool implemented to brainwash a country and attack white working classes who were denied of their rightful jobs in society.


Why should you suffer whilst this man takes what is yours by right?

The recession didn’t need to happen, people didn’t need to face redundancy and everything could have continued fairly and fine without years of struggle and torment for the British people.

The only people who seem to have benefited from the recession, kept jobs or indeed flourished are two groups of people – the left and the Jews.

Whilst the marxists and the Jews live a life of luxury, we the working classes are sentenced to a decade of misery and struggle. There are now no opportunities for the white working classes, no hope and no chance of employment.

This is all part of a vast campaign that entails demoralising the white people which ultimately results in white genocide. With no hope, the people are less likely to stand up and fight fiercely whilst the courtry is flooded with non-whites and our race is destroyed.

A Nationalist government would ensure that a fair economy, free of Judeo capitalism and Marxist trickery exists. We would create massive infrastructure projects and give work to all as this is a key principle of our doctrine. As a British people united, white equality would come into play and no man would be better than his neighbour.

People should rightfully be able to earn as much money as they want but capitalist greed needs to be destroyed. Where the private sector can not offer a man a job, the public sector will guarantee one under Nationalist policy.

A Nationalist government wouldn’t recognise Jewish debts or globalised monetary funds. A Nationalist government wouldn’t recognise the EU or indeed the UN – We would place the folk of our nation first above all else.

Under Lib/Lab/Con/Kip there will always be austerity and unemployment because this is needed for cultural Marxism. There is simply no winning with the mainstream establishment parties, no fairness and no white equality.

With Jews.. You Lose.

Joshua Bonehill