Those who listen to the left-wing are as bad as the left-wing

We all know who they are – idiots that believe the Left-wing and treat them as some kind of moral authority over the people.


I see it time after time again, in the real world or on Facebook and Twitter – the brainwashing is everywhere. There’s only so much we can do to help these left-wing appeasers until we have to start classifying them as parasitical left-wing themselves.

You’ll see it in parties like UKIP or the conservatives where people believe that the Left-wing are normal folk who have a respectable political opinion and should be legitimised in the public arena – well this is completely wrong.

The only agenda of the left-wing is to destroy Britain and contaminate any form of nationalism with their plague, political correctness and yet people would take these parasites as a legitimate force?

I have to seriously question the mentality of somebody on the right who believes an anonymous Left-wing twitter account, so much so that I generally consider them to be left-wing themselves.

This problem is the clash between civic nationalism and our traditional nationalism. Civic nationalism allows for political correctness, diversity and multiculturalism which is something we as true nationalists can not tolerate.

If you are a member of UKIP then you’re a civic Nationalist, if you’re a member of National Action or the BNP then you are a true Nationalist.

It should be standard practice for anybody leaning on the right-wing side to completely ignore the left and treat them as a non-entity. If you can’t conform to this then consider yourself brainwashed.

Joshua Bonehill