New British Union exposed as a fake Nationalist group

I’ve had my run-ins over the years with Gary Raikes of the New British Union, primarily because of the mockery he’s made of true nationalists who are trying to do good but today the NBU showed their true colours in a conversation I had with Charles Fournel (one of their officers).


Gary Raikes on the right

A few months ago I commandeered the official Facebook page of the New British Union as a sanction in relation to specific warnings I gave them prior to a certain date. On that Facebook page today, I was contacted by Charles Fournel who begged me to remove the page and ‘apologise’ to professional weirdo Gary Raikes.

Raikes who had a self admitted anti-white relationship with a Negro from Africa is probably the biggest fantasist and nutcase on the market. What Raikes is doing with the NBU is jeopardising the legacy of Sir Oswald Mosely and bringing mockery and laughter to serious white causes.


As unbelievable as it is, this is actually NBU propaganda

I questioned Charles Fournel about his trust in Gary Raikes and what he thought about the Jews and the answers I got were truly astonishing.


Fournel admits the NBU are pro Jewish


Fournel admits that he himself is a Jew and tells me white genocide is racist

So there we have it – the New British Union is a Jewish led organisation who think that White Genocide is a racist lie and are led by a white who has race mixed on numerous occasions.


After I exposed the NBU, flaccid Raikes jumped onto his official Facebook page to type in capital letters and brand me ‘an enemy of all right wing groups’, which is entirely laughable as Mr. Raikes must forget who I Joshua Bonehill am.

I call upon all Nationalists to distance themselves from this Jewish civic Nationalist group. For the young folk who have been deceived by Raikes, I would suggest joining National Action and for those older folk well there’s the British National Party still or the new movement that Nick Griffin is starting up.

Those who decide to Remain within the New British Union without accepting this Unfortunate truth will have to be classified as Jewish, given the group’s Jewish agenda.

Joshua Bonehill


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