Joshua Bonehill Champion of Free Speech. Vanguard Against Political Correctness.


Left Wing Politically Correct cranks have a love-hate relationship with the concept of free speech. They love it when it works on their behalf, but they hate it when it applies to people who disagree with them. To a P.C crank, free speech means the freedom to say what they want you to say and nothing else, or they will label you a fascist and a racist.

Agree with a P.C crank and you will enjoy unimpeded free speech. Disagree with a P.C weirdo and you will wonder what ever happened to free speech. Because of the broad-based expectation of free speech by British society, leftists have had to come up with another way to suppress speech that runs counter to their nefarious agenda. That tactic is political correctness, a concept that is indeed political but hardly correct, and is in actual fact extremely fascist, and more so than Nazism.


Political correctness is the left’s antidote to the expectations of Britons concerning free speech. Society’s expectations may not allow left wing Anti Fascists to suppress free speech to the extent they would like—something along the lines that Unite Against Fascism U.A.F, or Hope Not Hate would like to do, and what has been done to our very own ‘Joshua Bonehill’ but political correctness certainly does.

Political correctness prescribes from the perspective of lefty weirdos what is appropriate to say in public conversation and what is not. In this way left wing politically correct cranks are able to control conversation, debate, and discussion in the public arena. By applying the one-sided tenets of political correctness, the left wing P.C cranks essentially controls verbal discourse in the U.K.


The Daily Bale believes that people who are comfortable with their views should welcome discussion and debate. If they truly believe what they profess to believe then people of any political persuasion should be able to defend their views. Further, they should welcome opportunities to do so.

This is not the case with left wing cranks. Their idea is to foist their views on British society while allowing neither debate nor dissention. State publicly a point of view that runs counter to left wing orthodoxy and you will immediately be descended on by the god’s of political correctness. Whoever coined the adage about the fury of a woman scorned had never been subjected to the character assassination tactics of the left. The philosophy of left wing P.C cranks on free speech seems to be:

“When you cannot effectively debate someone whose views run counter to those of the left wing politically correct dictatorship, then attack, vilify, and destroy that person”

Just as what was done to Joshua Bonehill of the Daily Bale recently.


Political correctness is killing free speech in Britain and, by so doing, is undermining all of our freedoms. When we cannot talk about proscribed issues—issues ruled out of bounds by the dictates of the left wing cranks, then all Britons suffer a loss of freedom. We also lose the ability to find solutions to some of our most pressing socio-cultural problems.

Just as fire is used to strengthen steel, free and open discussion can be used to strengthen the arguments of both sides when debating issues of importance. Free and open debate can also open the eyes of those debating the issues to possibilities, points of view, and solutions other than those they espouse.

People who refuse to submit their views to the fire of open discussion are “intellectual cowards” who fear that their views take the heat. They are people who have arrived at unworthy points of view for reasons other than logic, reason, and truth; reasons such as politics, power, and position. In short, they are intellectual cowards.

What are some issues Britons should be openly and freely debating and would be if they had not been decreed off-limits by left wing Anti Fascist cranks and hidden behind the protective shield of political correctness?

Two major issues come immediately to mind: racism and immigration. The lack of trust between and among the races can be attributed in part to our inability to discuss race-related problems without being labeled racists. By the way, to disagree with a liberal on any racially-charged issue is to immediately be labeled a bigot and a racist, and this rule of thumb applies if you happen to be white.

To leftists, anybody who is white who disagrees with their political presuppositions is by their definition a racist.


This is too bad because we will never solve our racial problems unless we can talk about them, and there are plenty that need to be talked about. We need to discuss problems such as school dropout rates, fatherless families, high unemployment, gang violence, drugs, and crime among minorities, but we cannot because these subjects have been ruled off limits by the gods of political correctness.

We need to be able to talk about how to appropriately deal with people of both races who make bigoted statements, like a well known black female labour M.P is known for doing regulary.


The fact that we cannot openly and freely discuss these and other pressing socio-political issues responsibly is why I am convinced that leftists want neither harmony among the races nor solutions to Briton’s social problems. Take away racial discord and left wing sick cranks are left without any ammunition for their political guns.

Solve our most pressing social problems and left wing cranks have nothing on which to base their anti-British, anti-conservative Anti Ukip diatribes. To left wing cranks advances toward racial harmony and solutions to social problems signal the eventual end of their relevance in British politics because leftists are not about finding solutions, they are about stirring up discord, envy, anger, and frustration.


This is why for left wing Anti Fascist freaks it is necessary to use political correctness to rule inconvenient topics off limits and to vilify anyone who has the temerity to even raise them. With the dependable cooperation of the mainstream media it is easier for leftists to use character assassination to pre-empt free speech than to discuss issues in an open and honest manner that might lead to solutions or, at the very least, less tension among the races.

In this regard, lefty weirdos remind me of a college professor who would not allow students to ask questions for the simple reason that he could not answer them, and just like they could not answer the questions being put to them by Joshua Bonehill, the Anti Fascist left wing on Social Media under anonymous profiles set about trying to shut him up.


Another issue that has been ruled out of bounds by the left wing gods of political correctness is same-sex marriage. Again, if leftists are so certain that their views on same-sex marriage are valid and defensible, why suppress free, open, and honest debate on the issue? Why apply the unworthy tactics of character assassination, vilification, and bullying?

The very people who for years were subjected to verbal and physical attacks because of their homosexuality are now using the same tactics on people who disagree with their views. If this were nothing but a case of turn-about is fair play, it would be hard to argue with their tactics but the people they are attacking are not hoodlums from their past who treated homosexuals badly. Rather, many who support traditional marriage are priests, pastors, Christian laypeople, intellectuals, and legal scholars who have legitimate objections to same-sex marriage but who would never stoop to the tactics used against homosexuals in the past and that homosexuals are using against them now.

Lastly but not least, our war dead and our brave men and women armed forces knew that protecting unpopular speech would be critical to the longevity of the country they risked their lives, fortunes, and sacred honour to establish against fascists and dictators, people not unlike the politically correct fascists of today that try to suppress out freedom of speech in the U.K.


Speech that is broadly popular needs no protection. To use political correctness to impede free speech—not by law but by politically-correct bullying—threatens the continued existence of our country as a free and open nation, something that left wing politically correct traitors should acknowledge before it is too late.

What is politically correct is specified by those who are able to dictate terms at any given point in time. Right now that seems to be left wing cranks and politically correct weirdos, but this may not always be the case.


Public mood is changing fast now and the British People have had enough.

More and more people are coming forward and speaking out against left wing politically correct fascists and bullies.

Public Heroes like Joshua Bonehill, who refuses to be silenced and refuses to be intimidated by left wing Anti Fascist bullying and suppression of his freedom of speech through the left wing politically correct tactics of getting people arrested and their computers taken away to silence them on line.

Joshua will emerge as one of the United Kingdoms greatest Heroes for freedom of speech and liberty from the politically correct left wing fascism and left wing Anti British treachery.