SLATfascists defeated by Joshua Bonehill

Notorious left-wing twitter entity, SLATfascists today lost his account after Joshua Bonehill returned to Twitter to defeat him in a victory for the people.


November 17th, Victory over Slatfascists day

Anonymous account slatfascists has spent most of his four years on twitter harassing, stalking and attacking innocent women and children for their Nationalist beliefs but Joshua Bonehill fought back, ever determined to crush this left-wing parasite and deny him of a platform.

The Marxist behind the slatfascists account is somebody who is utterly obsessed with Twitter and has no other meaning in their life apart from Twitter.

The removal of Slatfascists came after Joshua Bonehill made a surprise return to Twitter and he is heralding slatfascists banning as a good sign that justice will well and truly be served to the left-wing.

Slatfascists will no doubt be upset over the loss of his 1000 twitter followers but this is justice for the crimes he has committed against the British people.

Today we can all celebrate, knowing that slatfascists will be sat cold and miserable somewhere – denied of an online voice and banished from Twitter.

Hail Victory!

The Daily Bale Team