Nick Griffin, the Jews and a new movement

As we all know, Griffin was expelled from the BNP and is attempting to start a new movement primarily made up of BNP members who followed him from the party when he was removed but will this movement point the finger in the right direction?


British Nationalists are sick of being told that they can’t mention or talk about the Jews in any form of negative connotation which essentially renders Nationalist movements and parties as useless.

Nationalism isn’t about anti-Semitism but as nationalists we recognise the threat played by the Jews and are not afraid to point this out. The trouble with many modern Nationalist outlets is that they are too afraid of being branded nazis and racists so they avoid the Jewish Question altogether and fixate on a symptom of jewry, the Muslims.

Nick Griffin is working on a new Nationalist movement of which he claims is the future of British Nationalism – but will he point the fingerĀ  at the Jews?

I believe that Griffin knows the extent of the Jewish problem as he’s elaborated on white genocide before which we know is a symptom of Jewish cultural Marxism but yet very rarely will Griffin mention the Jews, instead he will focus on Muslims in the same way that Britain First will do.

In order for this new movement to be successful then Griffin has to start talking about the Jewish problem otherwise he’s going to create a second rate version of Judeo scam, Britain First.

The future of British Nationalism is about finally pointing the finger at the Jews and if Griffin doesn’t do this then he will be wasting his own time and the time of those who support him.

We’re witnessing the death of traditional British nationalism and a move towards civic nationalism which in turn will kill off any hope of actually saving our country and race. The only movement in existence today that can be respected as a true Nationalist movement is National Action and I believe this is the future of British Nationalism.

I feel for the people who quickly jumped ship from the BNP to follow Griffin as these people may very well have sacrificed their Nationalist careers for a second rate version of Britain First, though this is something that time will tell.

What’s lacking at the minute is a formidable Nationalist Political Party presence in Britain, not a movement but a fully functional political party. We still have the British National Party and I remain in support of this for the time being.

My eye will turn to the political arena once more after my numerous court hearings have been dealt with and upon which I hope to provide a solution to the Nationalist question.

If Griffin musters up the courage to point the finger at the Jews then I wish him luck, if not then hope for his new movement will be lost in the eyes of many.

Joshua Bonehill