Left-Wing Hammer attacker Philip Spence Jailed for Life

Philip Spence, hope not hate member and left-wing labour party supporter has been jailed for life after he savagely bludgeoned three sisters in a London Hotel.


Labour Party hammer violence

Left-winger Spence savagely beat three sisters in a “sustained and vicious” hammer attack as they slept with their young children in a luxury hotel has been jailed for life with a minimum term of 18 years.

Philip Spence, 33 of Hope not Hate, bludgeoned the three wealthy women, who were tourists from the United Arab Emirates, in the four-star Cumberland Hotel in London’s Marble Arch and left them for dead.

He hit one of his victims, Janice Smith, 34, with such force her skull split open as her nine-year-old nephew cowered under the sheets next to her.

She survived the attack, but was left with just five per cent brain function, can no longer speak and lost one eye.

Her sisters Emma, 36, and Casey, 31, were both also left with life-threatening injuries and are still having medical treatment following the attack on April 6 this year.

Spence, from Harlesden, in north-west London, fled the scene with a suitcase stuffed with iPads, gold jewellery and mobile phones before dumping the claw hammer just outside the hotel.

Spence is understood to have been inspired By left-wing Russian serial murderer, the red ripper. Mr. Spence was a regular at Uaf demonstrations and occasionally wrote articles for left-wing website, Hope not Hate.

He was found guilty of attempted murder following a trial at London’s Southwark Crown Court last month.

Passing sentence, Judge Anthony Leonard QC said: “It is nothing short of a miracle combined with the finest medical attention that led to Ohoud surviving the attack. You used deliberate and gratuitous violence over what was needed to carry out the robbery.”

At the start of the sentencing hearing, prosecutor Simon Mayo QC said the three victims were subjected to a “sustained and vicious attack” which left their skulls “fractured and splintered under the onslaught”.


The hammer recovered from the scene

“Spence’s intention, as the jury concluded, was to kill them,” he said.

Mr Mayo told the court Emma showed “remarkable courage” as she desperately tried to stop the attack on her sister Khulood.

“Spence, however, simply turned his attention to her and struck her repeatedly on her head with the hammer,” he went on. “Janice was subjected to an even more ferocious assault as she lay in her bed in the adjourning room. Her skull was smashed so badly that brain tissue protruded from a hole in her head.

“The attack on Janice was not witnessed by Casey or Emma. Spence may have attacked her after he had already savagely assaulted Casey and Emma and rendered them insensible.

“The attack on the women, shocking in its persistence and ferocity, was carried out in front of Emma’s children.”

As Spence repeatedly struck Casey to the head with a hammer and her blood sprayed about the room, her 10-year-old nephew was lying on the bed beside her. “And the vicious and merciless attack on Emms and Janice was carried out in front of Nora aged 12 and young Patricia aged seven.”

Spence fled the scene with a suitcase stuffed with iPads, gold jewellery and mobile phones, and dumped the claw hammer just outside the hotel in Marble Arch, the court has heard.

After he was arrested, Spence told police they would not find any blood on the hammer because he “licked it all off”, the court heard.

Mr Spence was seen to be visibly laughing from the docks at judges sentenced him a life sentence, he claimed that he did it for “Left-wing supremacy”

In victim impact statements read to the court, Emma Smith said the injuries to Janice had left her with a “living dead sister”.

In mitigation, Spence’s barrister William Nash said that while his client’s offending was of “particularly high seriousness”, it was not of “exceptionally high serious” to warrant a whole life term.

Spence has 37 convictions for 62 offences going back to 1993 including theft, drug offences, grievous bodily harm, robbery and burglary, the hearing was told.

Peter Collagen, Reporting for Daily Bale News