Joshua Bonehill: The victims are the true criminals in my case

A lot of articles this week will be centered around my upcoming court sentencing on Friday in which I could potentially face imprisonment, so it’s important the truth is published here for you the general public to make up your mind.


Yeovil Magistrates court, the place of my sentencing

I have to be very careful about mentioning the so-called witnesses in this case. If I mention them directly or indirectly then potentially I could be arrested for witness intimidation and thus breaking my bail conditions so therefore I won’t be mentioning names or attributing anything to any one individual in this article. Rest assured though, I have plenty of evidence about particular individuals and this will be freely published after my sentencing.

It’s important to remember that none of the victims in my case are innocent, they were not targeted at random nor have they suffered to any potential degree because of my articles.

This group of victims have been colluding in an orchestrated conspiracy against me personally with intent to see my imprisonment through their own sadistic misery and pleasure, in short we can view them as evil sociopaths.

All of the victims have one common denominator – they are all left-wing and operate using anonymous twitter or Facebook accounts.

Over a period of about 12 months, this band of left-wing degenerates targeted me personally through campaigns of manipulation and hate. They targeted my family and friends, branding those close to me as ‘paedophiles’ or members of the IRA with intent to incite violence or hatred towards myself and my family members.

Those who know me from Twitter or other social media outlets can confirm that I’ve got a very obsessed and fixated band of stalkers. Most of whom are the victims in my case who use anonymous profiles to shield their identities thus evading the law.

I decided to fight back and give these people a taste of their own medicine for which I am now facing sentencing on Friday.

When all of this is out of the way, I will expose these victims using both the law and evidence as my weapon. I have direct witness statements from the police taken from these people that are in my file as part of the prosecution, I have over 1000 screenshots detailing a history of harassment and abuse towards myself.

It’s not just the victims I’ll be exposing though, it’s the underhand and damn right dirty tactics used by the left-wing and the evil, callous agenda behind this form of harassment.

If your family and friends come under attack from random people for doing nothing wrong then you’re going to defend them and strike back – this is exactly what I did. I fully stand by my articles written about these ‘victims’ and do not regret writing them.

Necrophiliac newspaper, the Western Gazette were keen to brand me an ‘internet troll’ in a recent article. I don’t deny that my behavior on Twitter has been akin to political trolling – trolling is soldiering, but certainly in this current court case I was not trolling.

Trolling is about provoking a reaction for fun and pleasure, my articles about people were designed to attack them purposely and make them pay for their wrongs, that’s not trolling.

So when Friday comes, I will go to court jubilant and happy knowing that I am not the criminal in this whole thing – the left-wing are.

More comically, it seems that the recent newspaper articles mentioning these ‘victims’ are backfiring with people thinking that I was arrested for exposing them as paedophiles as opposed to just calling them paedophiles. Nobody wants their name next to the word paedophile and I fear for the victims that this will be their ultimate legacy – the left-wing paedophiles that Joshua Bonehill attempted to expose but was arrested for.

An accusation of paedophilia sticks, it never disappears and people will always question as to why these people were in fact accused of being paedophiles. How I would hate to be them, living in their communities with people always questioning whether or not they have been involved in paedophilia.

The truth is that the Left-wing are guilty of protecting paedophiles, covering up for grooming gangs and indeed the many left-wing labour councillors and members of parliament who have been convicted of paedophilia.

When somebody tells me they are Left-wing, I am overcome with anger and rage for the atrocities committed in Rotherham under the watch of Labour.

We have every right to assume and accuse the left are guilty of paedophilia and that is a guilt by association.


Protecting children from paedophiles is the duty of every responsible adult

So when sentencing comes on Friday, I know that I will be walking away a victorious man no matter the outcome. I’m not the one who will be forever more known as somebody who has been accused of paedophilia and that to me will be true justice for the crimes of these left-wing agitators and indeed a burden they will have to rightfully carry for the rest of their meaningless Marxist lives.

That truly is a justice that money can’t buy – it’s utterly priceless and puts a massive smile on my face as I enjoy my victory over the left-wing perverts.

Joshua Bonehill