The Left-Wing minority

One of the tactics used by sick left-wing perverts is the deluded idea that ‘everybody’ agrees with them by default. This form of delusion is a simple brainwashing trick designed to peer pressure people into believing them or siding with their perverted non existent ideology.


The truth here is that those who believe Left-wing ideology account only for a very small percentage of the population. When the Left-wing throw around the word “Everybody”, they use it as a scare tactic in an attempt to get their opponents backing down.

Let’s look at my current court case as an example. I targeted Left-wing perverts and justifiably branded them paedophiles on the Daily Bale. The only opposition I have faced in terms of negative criticism from my actions is from the left-wing minority and politically correct legal system.

Not one member of the general public has disagreed with my actions, in fact the vast majority believe it’s pathetic that I’m even going to court and I have jested over the offences many times with people in the pubs.

Yet the left-wing frequently like to tell me that “everybody is against me”, obviously I ignore this and don’t listen to them but the point here is they are using the word ‘everybody’ falsely and have no right speaking on behalf of us the majority of normal thinking people in Britain.

When I was using Twitter, I saw only anonymous Left-wing accounts asking the press about my court case, I saw only the left-wing saying how bad I was. The truth is that nobody else except the left-wing care and should we worry about what the left-wing think? Absolutely not.

In fact, in my 21 years of existence I have truly only met very few people who believe in left-wing ideology and political correctness out of the many thousands of people I’ve met. From my experience, your typical left leaning weirdos tend to reside within Social Services, probation or indeed they are the odd weird looking person on the street.

Just the other day in fact, I ordered some groceries online and the delivery driver said to me “you’re joshua bonehill aren’t you?”, to which I replied yes and he said “I think it’s wrong what’s happening to you, keep up the great work”. In the pubs I frequent, people line up to tell me how much they hate the left-wing, Muslims and political correctness – and rightly bloody so too!

Since I’ve been appearing in newspapers and online, I’ve not had one negative comment or attitude towards my actions. Everybody has been entirely supportive. So you see its only the left-wing who have a problem with my actions, a small minority group of weirdos and perverts.


A typical internet left-wing loner using his left-wing apple computer

Next time the left-wing use the word “Everybody” in an attack against you, remind them that they don’t speak for the majority and have no place assuming such a perverted thing.

I am proud of my Daily Bale articles and do not regret anything I’ve done, written or said. I look back at the daily bale as a body of work that exposes the left-wing and gives the general public the truth.


The majority of good British people support Neo-Nationalism

I believe the Left-wing to be a very small group of deranged, sick perverts of whom society has clearly rejected. I have seen no evidence of any serious or justifiable argument from the side of the left and I do not believe they have any from of respectable place within society. Everybody disagrees with the Left-wing and we all think they are vile, cretinous puss filled pimples and slime.
Joshua Bonehill