Racist Jewish News exposed

A website claiming to be ‘Britain’s biggest Jewish newspaper’ can be exposed for the first time as a race hate, anti-white website by the Daily Bale.


Jewish News serves only the Jewish community and by using the word ‘Jewish’ in their brand name, they are therefore cementing themselves firmly as Jewish Supremacists.

Jewish News recently referred to Joshua Bonehill, founder of the Daily Bale as a ‘Neo-Nazi’ with no actual evidence to back this claim up. Joshua Bonehill was recently arrested for claiming an MP was an ‘affeminite weirdo’ under the harassment act. Therefore Jewish News is also breaking the law by referring to Joshua as something he’s not.

Joshua is neither German nor over the age of 70 which makes it impossible for him to be a German National Socialist (Nazi), therefore Jewish News’s claim of Bonehill being a Neo Nazi is a lie which constitutes malicious communications according to politically correct laws in England.


Furthermore, if a ‘White News’ existed then it would be universally branded racist for exclusively using the word white in the brand name yet why is Jewish News allowed to do the same and get away with racism?

Lastly, Jewish News claims that white people were ’rounded up’. Do they mean the same kind of rounded up as stalin did before sending people to the viciously sick gulag?

Jewish News is a sick left-wing race hate group.

Peter Collagen, Reporting for Daily Bale News