Operation Midland: Paedophiles at Westminster

Allegedly there are paedophiles operating at the heart of Westminster and have been running a paedophilic outfit since the late 1970s which begs the question – is the government even valid anymore?


Potential Paedophile central, Westminster

It’s too early to speculate as to whom the guilty parties even are, the investigation hasn’t even begun yet but we must prepare for the eventual and horrendous possibility that paedophiles are operating at the heart of Westminster.

A witness came forward recently and alleged that one current serving MP was responsible for the death of a child and had been implicated in numerous incidents involving the rape of children.

This claim sparked operation midland which seeks to expose the truth and investigate if any crime has actually been committed at the hands of the government.

In a situation where a serving member of parliament has actually murdered a member of the public then this would constitute state murder therefore questioning the legitimacy of the government over the people.

One would hope that these claims of murder and paedophilia at the highest level are indeed false because if proven true, how can we possibly guarantee the safety of our people?

If proven that serving MPs and elite members of the ruling establishment have raped and murdered children then this could spark revolution. According to the witness claims, secret services have also been involved in covering up these horrific allegations which again is entirely worrying.

One shouldn’t jump to any conclusions just yet, let’s sit by and watch what the findings of operation midland conclude but if the worst is confirmed then we must start to think about other ways of governing out country.

Joshua Bonehill