Joshua Bonehill demands Britain’s withdrawal from EU

In a lengthy conversation with European Union Commissioner Francois Albrecht, Joshua Bonehill today voiced the peoples concerns about the European Unions control over Britain and demanded that Britain immediately withdraws from the EU.


Joshua Bonehill

In a conversation that lasted over an hour, Joshua Bonehill demanded Britain’s immediate withdrawal from the EU and fiercely criticised the current fascist regime of European Union has Britain within its iron grasp.

The conversation which took place today was made on behalf of the British people after Joshua Bonehill decided to take action given current attitudes towards our membership to the EU.

Bonehill has offered European Union Commissioner Francois Albrecht a 22 day deadline to respond to the peoples concerns or the possibility of facing immediate action and a sanctions package which could include the boycotting of all non-British products.

Bonehill is said to be dissatisfied with the way how British people are being ignored in their demand for independence from the EU.

Peter collagen, Reporting for Daily Bale News