The tragedy of Twitter

So seeing as Twitter suspended my popular account @Leaderbonehill after the Labour party complained about me criticising their MPs, it’s fair to say that this has become a tragedy but not a tragedy for me.


Your typical left-wing twitter user

See, my account boasted over thirty thousand followers and people enjoyed the content I was tweeting which therefore made me a form of ‘public service’, like a popular television show or a magazine.

My tweets tested the boundaries of free speech and welcomed members of the public to engage in the content I was creating. With the suspension of my account came the loss of a public service which ultimately is a tragedy for the people.

It’s funny as I’m told now that the Left-wing who use twitter and used to try and attack me are now tweeting about ‘doctor who’, video games and things that people don’t really care about. Through the suspension of my twitter account, these already meaningless left-wing agitators have faded away into complete obscurity whilst I myself have become untouchable behind the iron fortress that is the Daily Bale and the ‘twitter left-wing’ have become suspended from relevance.

It’s clear that my twitter account was taken down in a flagrant breach of free speech and corruption at the highest level. When the bods at the top see a Nationalist with a lot of public support through social media then this becomes an immediate threat to them.

Well at the moment I’m not planning on returning to Twitter, I may do so in the future when the waters are clear but the victory has ultimately been mine. Now I can spend more time productively writing for the Daily Bale and creating content that is keyed directly in with Google which in my eyes is bigger and better than Twitter or indeed social media is.

My advice to Nationalist social media users is to come away from your twitter and Facebook accounts, set up a blog or website and hammer out fierce attacks against the judeo-Marxist establishment.

Let the left-wing talk about meaningless subjects on twitter, leave the play pen and come over into the ‘big boys’ realm.


Left-wing infobesity

Most of the people who I have encountered on Twitter and side with the Left-wing spectrum appear to have IAD (internet addiction disorder). There is a clear culture of ‘infobesity’ among the left-wing and they are clearly unable to detach from the fantasy world of twitter and project their real thoughts and ideology through normal social means.

Joshua Bonehill