Politically Correct Genderless Gingerbread ‘Men’

We always like to point out how political correctness is taken to the extreme but when applied to food products, the madness of PC is exposed for all to see.


Politically Correct parasites who run the organic bakery ‘leftfood’ in Totnes, Devon have recently unveiled a new politically Correct product – Genderless Gingerbread figures.

In an attempt to make gingerbread men ‘equal’, the radical left bakery decided to brand their gingerbread men as ‘genderless’ to promote feminism and political correctness.

This is political correctness gone mad. Nobody in their right mind is offended by gingerbread men being branded as ‘men’, in fact the product itself is globally recognised as a Gingerbread man which defeats the object by renaming them ‘gingerbread figures’.

The Daily bale also understand that Leftfood is considering releasing a ‘gay gingerbread man’ to celebrate homosexual rights – surely this is just madness?

Peter collagen, Reporting for Daily Bale News