White Germans are facing extinction

In recent years, hundreds of thousands of Israeli Jews have flocked to Germany and the indigenous white people of deutschland are facing immediate genocide through laws which place Jews above the average German citizen.

Germany has a number of laws on the books that give Israelis an advantage in gaining access to work, and it allows descendants of ‘Holocaust’ survivors and Jews the ability to reclaim citizenship. Thousands of Israelis have used the law to become German passport holders, and many who move to Berlin have dual Israeli–European Union citizenship that allows them to work throughout the Continent and gain an unfair and racist advantage above the white Germanic folk.

An unstoppable tap of Israeli immigration has been opened above the country of Germany and the folk have been placed second under the Jew who will go on to take jobs in the managerial, financial and government sectors with aid of the law thus rendering the German man a second class citizen in his own country and a slave to a Jewish occupation force.

With further laws which prevent German folk from speaking out against judeo tyranny, the future of the white German population hangs in the balance of Nationalist parties such as the NPD who are fighting the oppression with fierce and raw Germanic aggression.

Meanwhile in Berlin, the majority of companies and industry are being taken over by the judeo-israeli immigrant with the full backing of the German government who seemingly have ignored the cries of the indigenous German families.

What we are witnessing in Germany is the full raping of her people and Cultural Marxist backed White Genocide in action. In the instance of Germany, white people are being replaced with Jews and this is the ultimate aim of cultural Marxism. After world war II, Germany was ripped apart and tortured for many years under the tyranny of Judaism and despite the fall of the Berlin Wall, the peoples oppression has not ended.

Once again, Germany must rise and act soon before all is lost as by the end of the century German people will be extinct and replaced with an Israeli occupation force.

Joshua Bonehill

Source: http://www.vocativ.com/world/germany-world/germany-new-promised-land-young-israelis/