Marxists abduct and eat children

Every year across the world over 1 million children vanish without a trace. Most reappear after a short time but some never do. New evidence collected by the university of california in conjunction with an FBI investigation has unveiled a cannibalistic Marxist plot to steal and eat innocent children.


A militant Marxist group operating in North America calling themselves ‘marxor’ have been implicated in the disappearance of thousands of innocent children says the FBI.

In a recent investigation working in collaboration with the university of california’s forensic department, the FBI discovered that a Marxist cult has been operating in America underground for the past thirty years. The group, Marxor uses the sacrifice of children in rituals to worship their spiritual leader, Karl Marx.


A militant Marxist

The group which is still in operation despite FBI raids has been further driven underground where now their precise location is unknown to authorities investigating.

It is believed that Marxor have stolen children from their homes, in the streets and in the parks of America by luring them in using grooming tactics.

Part of Marxor’s sickening satanic rituals involve eating the fresh pumping hearts of innocent children in a mundane and weird attempt to channel the spirit of Karl Marx.

The FBI is yet to release a finalised report on their findings but the Daily Bale will be watching with interest as yet another left-wing group is linked to paedophilia and child murder.

Steven Cobb, Reporting for Daily Bale News