Marxist Spotting

The common household Marxist – a pariah of society, formed of the most evil and devious ideology known to mankind. Marxists can be easily spotted by their paedophilic tendencies and their general unkempt appearances.

We all know who they are, it’s fun to point and spot out the weirdos in society but what most people don’t recognise is that these parasites are in fact marxists.

You can spot a Marxist on nearly every street corner as it takes to the habitual routines of a Marxist degenerate. Most marxists tend to be in their late 40s to mid 50s. They dress inappropriately, opting to wear blue or florescent rain coats on a warm summers ‘day’. Upon gaining close proximity to the spotted Marxist, one should take note of the repugnant stale smell of tobacco or general unhygienic practises.

The next tail tale sign of Marxism is the presence of a long and unstyled greasy beard that resembles that of Karl Marx himself. Marxists tend to be short sighted and will often be spotted with thick framed glasses or some form of monocle preserving the sight of eye.

Marxists tend to be short in stature and will typically be overweight or spotted with a few extra pounds.

Since the advent of the Internet, Marxism has flourished with the aid of social media websites like Twitter or Facebook in which the deluded and brain damaged Marxist will seek refuge and live within a world of fantasy where he can connect with fellow perverted marxists.

If your spotted Marxist has his phone out then he is most likely operating anonymous social media accounts as his obsessional tendencies will not be able to drift away from what is happening on the Internet.

More often then not, the Left-wing Marxist will have the hood of his blue rain coat wrapped around his greasy head in an attempt to protect the blatant ugliness that lies beneath. This is a form of sheltering from a world that rejects Marxism and indeed this form of perversion.

We’ve all said it before, “that man looks like a paedophile” in reference to somebody who looks odd. Well often these prospective paedophiles are in fact your typical common household marxists.

The link between paedophilia and Marxism is blatant and rich in history. Indeed through rejection of the opposite sex, the preying Marxist will attempt to lure children into his grasp as in the well documented case of Russian Marxist, paedophile and serial killer – the red ripper.

There is nothing wrong with smoking but again this is a trait of the common Marxist. You will notice intense yellow nicotine staining on the hands of the Marxist, occasionally there will be rubbed in tobacco ash and dirt on the rain coat of your pervert in question.

Paedophilia is Marxism, make no mistake about this. The sickening ideology of the stereotypical paedophilic pervert is akin to that of mainstream Marxist teaching. Indeed the rise of paedophilia can be blamed directly on cultural Marxism and left-wing paedophilia rights activism.

Marxists tend to rely on public transport and can be observed sitting on buses chatting with fellow Marxist weirdos. It seems that a culture of Marxism has developed through the public transport system.

If you spot a Marxist then call it out. Stop, look and think – is that weird looking man a Marxist?

Joshua Bonehill