Neo-Nationalism: Nationalism in the 21st century

In a thoroughly modern age, too many nationalists and racial comrades are blinded by the past and are deluded by the grandeur of yesterday whilst ignoring nationalism in the 21st Century – this is a guide to Neo-Nationalism.

Firstly, in order to take our cause forward into victory we have to recognise our faults and eliminate them in order to become stronger as a movement and strive for the triumph that we all desire.

Now more than ever there is a need for nationalism in order to save our race and the nations of the western world. There are now only two possible outcomes for the end of this present century with one including Nationalist unity and a new great era of prosperity for the white race, the other is white genocide at the hands of masked judeo tyranny.

A lot of people ask me why I attack the New British Union led by Gary Raikes in Britain. For those who don’t know it, the NBU is a modern incarnation of the late Sir Oswald Mosley’s British Union of Fascists which saw glory in the early years of the 20th century.

Well the simple fact is, groups like the NBU belong in the past and have no place in Neo-Nationalism. The NBU is dressing valuable young nationalists up in uniform and having them parade around village halls in front of a camera which will later turn into a black and white film made on an IPhone with “crackling effects” – this is not nationalism, this is embarrassing and a thorough waste of time.

Living in the past and dreaming about bringing back the third Reich is sheer fantasy. We can not rebuild the past but we can build the future and this is something that present day nationalists need to wake up and realise.

The past belongs in a museum, we go to museums to admire and learn but we don’t go to museums to live or find solutions.

For those Nationalists among us who dream creating the third Reich and classify themselves as ‘nazis’, I compare this to being an admirer of the roman empire and dreaming of creating a new roman empire complete with legions carrying swords and shields – obsolete and unrealistic.

Nazism or at least Hitlers version of National Socialism died when Hitler died. German National Socialism was only ever meant for the Third Reich and without Adolf Hitler at the reigns there simply is no such thing Nazism.

National Socialism however as an ideology separate to that of Germany as a nation is entirely realistic but we have to take this forward into the 21st century and rebrand it into a package that is understood by all – the creation of a new ideology is needed with all the values of the past, however handcrafted with a modern touch that reaches out to the generations of today.

The most impressive and viable movement in today’s Britain is almost certainly National Action. This is a group that understands the pains and injustices faced by our generation and is not afraid to point the finger in the direction of the real enemy. What makes National Action a winning formula is the strategy it uses in operating as a ‘movement’.

National Action is all about the 21st century and realises that small cells of concentrated nationalism come together to form one giant national movement. The key is in the name, ‘National Action’, action across the nation.

Not only does National Action employ a winning strategy but also the graphics used in its public face are quite simply stunning. It seems that National Action have the ability to reach out to the youth using its marvelous artistic approach and subsequently this is engaging a new generation.

As great as National Action is, it lacks two very important things – a leader and voice of the people and it is not a political party. With that said, National Action is not about elections or leadership as it recognises that Democracy in Britain through the electoral system is a Jewish invention.

I do however believe that one day National Action will play a pivotal role in Neo-Nationalism and as an activist movement in its own right there is every possibility that it can assist a legitimate Nationalist party to power.

The next major problem with modern nationalism is the rise of ‘civic nationalism’ and the hijacking of mainstream nationalism. When I talk about civic nationalism, I talk about political parties like UKIP which seem all well and good on the outside but when you examine UKIP closely there is no care for the white man, no real solution to immigration and no real guarantee of change. UKIP in my view is just a tiny bit right of the Conservative party and it’s riddled with Jews and Jewish backers.

When we talk about the hijacking of mainstream nationalism we refer to the emergence of pro-jewish movements like Britain First or indeed the English Defence League. These movements came into existence to keep the Nationalist soldiers of tomorrow occupied and fixated on issues that matter not which ultimately benefit the Jew. Both EDL and Britain First routinely display the flag of Israel at their demonstrations and indeed classify themselves as ‘multi-racial’ groups. These movements came into existence at the hand of the Jew and benefit the Jew through trickery and deceit which ultimately stops true nationalism from flourishing.

Another problem we have in the modern era is the legitimising of the Left-wing and treatment of them as if they are somehow normal people with valid points. A few people who call themselves ‘nationalists’ have said to me that I’m ‘damaging our cause’, my question to these people is damaging our cause in the eyes of whom?

We don’t need to justify ourselves in the face of the Left-wing, nor do we need to pretend to not be anti-semetic or racist in the public domain to appease our permanent Left-wing critics.

We have to realise that the Left-wing are simply the tool of the Jew. They exist simply to distract us from achieving victory and have no ideology or political value worth legitimising. The best thing to do with the Left-wing is to hate them as people and realise that everything they stand for is false and offensive.

Another thing I’ve noticed is how people believe the Left-wing at face value. For instance where people have started to come around to my way of Nationalist thinking and support my ideology, the Left-wing have targeted these people with misinformation tactics.

The joke of the week was when the Left-wing told several nationalists that I Joshua Bonehill was in fact Left-wing and these ‘nationalists’ subsequently believed the Left and started speaking out against me, thus becoming drones of the left-wing. I say to these gullible people, stop calling yourselves nationalists and get out of our way.

So In recognising that the Left-wing are nothing more than parasites we can begin to look at the 6 cornerstones of Neo-Nationalism.

1) Race

We recognise that White genocide is the key threat to our race and that only in white racial unity we can prevail in strength. Race is loyalty and honour but also it’s nature. White Genocide which is implemented through judeo cultural Marxism seeks to destroy nature and eliminate the white race in order to enforce Jewish Supremacy over the world with the new world order as it’s sick domain. Nationalism promotes white racial unity therefore securing itself as a viable and strong ideology to embrace.

2) The age old Jewish Question

As with yesteryear the common enemy and problem remains the same except in today’s world it has only increased in threat. We recognise that as Neo-Nationalists the Jews will always oppose us and in our opposition to their tyranny, we will be branded racists and anti-semetic but we will embrace these titles and not cowar away in fear of being labeled. If we do not succeed then Jewish international supremacy will and this will be the end of our race. My favorite saying is this, “With Jews you Lose” – remember it and apply it to anything that associates with the judaic race.

3) The Internet

The Internet is the future and as people become more and more lazier and socially inept they will turn to the Internet and we will be there to assist them. I’m not talking about Facebook and Twitter, I’m talking about websites and unique creations. When people go to look things up on the net, they don’t use social media, instead they use Google which is the number 1 search engine in the world. The reason I created the Daily Bale is because I know that the general public will find the articles here due to SEO optimising and intelligent positioning. I can be searching for something completely irrelevant on Google images and then find something from the Daily Bale which ultimately could be a lifeline for somebody considering nationalism. The Daily Stormer is a model example of Nationalist Internet activism and it’s a winning formula, one which should be observed and copied by all Internet nationalists. We must develop apps, create popular blogs and design our own quality news websites. With smart to adequate presentation, we can win over a generation by harnessing the power of the Internet.

Trolling is soldiering. There are two types of troll, the troll who strikes for laughter and the troll who strikes for cause. There is no shame in political trolling and I myself am guilty of this with various ‘twitter personalities’, created purely to draw attention to our cause and strike havoc across enemy operations. As cyber warfare takes over from physical warfare we must also be at the forefront and our young activists should willfully engage in trolling as a form of Internet soldiering.

If you’re unemployed, sick or socially isolated then go ahead and create a blog to share your Nationalist thoughts and engage recruits with our ideology. If you have money then invest in a self hosted website and create something unique for the Nationalist community – do your bit for the greater good.

4) Politics

We know that Democracy is a Jewish creation and the odds will always be stacked against us but unless you want to be killed by the army in the event of an uprising then our only hope is taking the cause to the ballot box and winning by using their own tools against them.

Electoral success is not a fantasy, we can and will win by the vote and voted in by an awakened people. Winning elections at present is not possible, we lack a political party capable of doing this but ultimately we lack a leader. In Britain we have the British National Party and it’s important that all present nationalists remain within the party and vote for the BNP until the time is right to form a new party or a strong and promised leader arises.

I myself have plans for a future movement and party. This is not something I wish to elaborate on here nor rush. I am handcrafting these ideas and only when I feel ready will I present to the country.

Ultimately we will form a government as Neo-Nationalists and this will be the only option for us. If we take to arms and attempt to overthrow the government by force then we will be vilified in the eyes of the common people and indeed the might of the British Armed Forces will stand in our way – this is neither a possible or realistic outcome.

5) ‘Storm’ activism

Alongside Internet activism we must maintain presence on the streets with storm activism that presents itself best with the model that National Action provides.

If you care immediately about nationalism then join National Action and get active with your local comrades. Yes – NA isn’t a political party so therefore you don’t have to give up your membership to whatever party you may align yourself with presently. National Action provides an effective answer to street activism for Neo-Nationalists and at present I can find no better solution.

Indeed I myself enjoyed planting a National Action sticker over the statue of Nelson Mandela in London – it’s fun, effective and an answer to activism. Join them!

6) Knowledge and Oratory

Study Shakespeare, read books about nationalism and speak in public. Knowledge is power and the more knowledge we collectively have as a movement then the more power we have. Alongside knowledge is the ability to speak and inform.

If you are an activist then inspire your friends with an insightful and passionate talk backed with knowledge and facts. Shakespeare is a good place to start, practise lines and get involved with plays and theatre to boost your confidence in speaking fluently to gain support.

Without knowledge and intelligence, we stand no chance. The leaders of tomorrow must be well informed and fluent in language. Reading is great anyway, lose yourself In books and remember to work out your brain alongside your body.

Neo-Nationalism Is a state of mind, a lifestyle and the pathway to the future. Today we train and build our ideology, tomorrow we fight and win political power in order to bring justice for the people and restore white sovereignty over judeo tyranny.

Another problem we have is people who think they are the next hitler and hate anybody who does good for nationalism – this is greed and greed has no place in Neo-Nationalism.

You will see ‘nationalists’ criticise eachother in a personal way out of jealousy and greed. These people are not nationalists and should be ousted from our movement as this behaviour belongs in the realm of Judeo capitalism.

A Nationalist will always help and defend his racial brother. Infighting and arguing should lead to expulsion and community condemnation as this behaviour has to be immediately eradicated so that we can collectively achieve national unity.

Those among us who criticise and argue must be viewed as the enemy because their behaviour stands to destroy any hope of Nationalist unity.

If we pull together in Britain now and get serious about Neo-Nationalism then I see no reason as to why we can’t achieve electoral victory by 2033 as a guideline. Ideally this is my aim, to secure the country by means of electoral success by January 2033. Throughout the 2020s we will build the party and spread the good message to the folk and by ’33 we’ll form a government and rebuild Britain.

Joshua Bonehill