Feminism is the new political correctness

With political correctness well and truly smashed by the people and exposed as a cultural Marxist conspiracy against nature, the marxists have turned to a new weapon – feminism

Using Holywood, trends and young people as their tool, cultural Marxists have been able to introduce the evil of feminism into society. Knowing that political correctness and branding people racists would no longer work, marxists had to quickly turn to a new and more efficient weapon which has the power to segregate communities and instil cultural Marxism into the mainstream.

Where under political correctness we would be branded racists for questioning immigration or diversity, with feminism we are branded misogynists in an attempt to persecute white men and separate the two genders to prevent breeding and further enforce the sickening prospect of white genocide.

Feminism is completely unnatural and goes against biology and the basic cornerstones of reproduction. Attempting to make women into men and indeed men into women is the ultimate aim of feminism – this causes gender confusion which results in the inability to be either male or female and ultimately decreases the chances of successful reproduction thus limiting the white population.

There is nothing cool about gender confusion yet Hollywood and Jewish brands would tell us otherwise. Recently we saw socially inept Emma Watson give a speech to the UN about the ‘importance’ of feminism which furthermore sparked a trend with young people, inciting them to take up the sickening feminist ideology.

Along with celebrity appeal, feminism is being promoted in the fashion industry with Jewish labels making pro feminist tops and attire for people to wear as displayed recently when Harriet Harman, Ed Miliband and various pathetic members of the British Labour party wore designer feminist tops to parliament in a clear lack of respect for white people.

This feminist trend is both worrying and destructive, we must fight back and smash it open in the same way we did with political correctness. The cultural Marxists will target our children using their vast arsenal of trend generators in an attempt to revive mainstream Marxism and destroy the white race.

In a rational and Nationalist country, supporting feminism would be viewed akin to treason and we should recognise this as well. Those who wear those vulgar feminist tops might as well wear t shirts that read “I hate white people”.

The simple fact remains that as men we are the dominant species and have every right to be one step above women. If women are unhappy with their gender role then they should blame the way their bodies are made because the female anatomy is neither strong nor powerful.

Women don’t truly believe in gender equality, they know that this is impossible and goes against nature yet cultural Marxism Is brainwashing them and enforcing this sick and perverse feminist agenda which deludes the mind of the woman.

Alongside with feminism we are being subjected to anti natural laws which state slapping the arse of a woman is in fact sexual harassment. This is no joke, good men have gone to prison and have been added to the sex offender register simply for slapping or grabbing a woman’s arse thus expressing his interest in her as a viable breeding partner.

The simple fact is that most normal women are pleased to receive the sexual attention and don’t consider this act an act of sexual harassment. If women don’t want that kind of attention then they will make it known, either way the laws on sexual harassment need revising.

All of this abnormal stress directed towards the two genders will eventually result in decline of breeding thus attacking the white gene pool directly and enacting white genocide.

This is where the homosexual tyrant comes into the fray. Pc do gooders convince the respective genders that there is something wrong with them for not Interacting with the opposite sex and tell these people that they are homosexual.

Homosexuality is another tool used by cultural Marxists to further bring about white genocide. We all know the saying, ‘adam and eve, not adam and Steve’ and this goes with good reason as same gender relationships are incompatible with reproduction therefore we will further see a decrease of white people in the world.

All of this leads back to feminism and we as a race and Nationalist community need to be doing everything we can to oppose cultural Marxist feminism before we reach the point of full and total white genocide.

Joshua Bonehill