Ed Miliband voted weakest politician in British History

In a recent poll conducted by PolWatch, Labour leader Ed Miliband was voted the weakest politician in British History, with Gordon Brown coming second.


Ed Miliband – two words that come together to form one very simple and justifiable meaning, weak. It’s no surprise that support for Labour ‘leader’ Ed Miliband has plummeted in recent weeks after he attempted to scratch back any strand of legitimacy he may of had but failed spectacularly.

The British public voted Miliband as the weakest politician in British History last week, with people branding him a ‘soft touch’, ‘affeminite’ and indeed ‘the man with zero charisma’. It seems almost certain that the Labour Party will not form a government in 2015 under the premiership of Judeo Marxist Miliband.

Ed Miliband flaunts around in public with zero credibility or political respect, it’s fair to say that he has become the unanimous laughing stock of British politics.

There are plans to unseat the Marxist from his constituency in the 2015 general elections and in such an event one would assume that Miliband will fade away into obscurity but one thing is for certain – he doesn’t speak for the people, nor will he ever become the prime minister or leader of the people.

One only has to Iook at Miliband’s twitter account where under his tweets you will find hundreds of people responding with the obligatory “F**ck off beaker” remarks, which surely position him as the most hated figure in current British politics.

Not even the perverse Hope not Hate bus can save Mr. Miliband now, his political career is finished and he should do the honourable thing and resign with immediate affect as if not to offend the British public further with his anti-british agenda.

The only way Mr. Miliband could ever truly now form a government is by complete fluke, certainly not by the will of the British people. Ed Miliband is destined for one thing and that’s certainly not the sanctity behind the door of number 10, downing street.

A special report by Joshua Bonehill