Joshua Bonehill arrested for free speech, again

Just 100 years ago, brave white men marched forward onto the fields of Brussels and France In defence of Free Speech in a conflict that would become known as The Great War.

Today, once again free speech is at stake and this time instead of fighting a foreign enemy, we are fighting the enemy from within.

We can not mention the Member of Parliament of whom Joshua Bonehill allegedly criticised nor can we talk about the alleged offences due to the fact that the Police will arrest us under the Public Order act should we dare to.


joshua Bonehill

What we can say is that last Thursday Joshua Bonehill was arrested and held under the harassment act for allegedly criticising and “name calling” a member of parliament in an article originating from this very website.

Bonehill spent 20 hours in police custody whilst police thoroughly searched his home and disabled his connection to the Internet thus stopping him from posting on the Daily Bale and speaking openly.

The truth here is that Joshua has done nothing wrong. We are witnessing corruption at the highest level to suppress free speech and silence those who will criticise members of parliament belonging to the judeo backed Labour Party.

As stated in a previous article, Bonehill is no longer on Twitter or Facebook and this seemingly is the result of further state silencing when the Thought police decided to pull his popular social media accounts.

In retaliation to this latest Judeo-backed move, Bonehill is said to be writing a book detailing his experiences and throwing the lid off the vast cultural Marxist conspiracy to destroy both our race and nation.

Next Friday on the 21st of November, Bonehill will be returning to Yeovil Magistrates court for sentencing in conclusion to a series of charges against Bonehill for name calling the Left-wing and publishing articles of free speech on this very website.

Bonehill will be using his return to court to address magistrates and the British people with a historic speech outlining the cultural Marxist conspiracy, announcing the creation of a new movement and indeed laying charges against the state for treason and corruption.

The next move for Bonehill will be the creation of a new movement as stated but also the publishing of his book which is due next year. Bonehill has no immediate intentions to return to either Twitter or Facebook and will opt to remain vocal using the Daily Bale and allied Publications.

The defence of Free Speech should be paramount to people everywhere and this enables us to defend our race against the tyranny of Judeo Cultural Marxism. If you wish to aid the fight and support Joshua Bonehill then get in touch with us at before time runs out and all is lost.

The Daily Bale team