‘That’ video explained

So seeing as the Left-wing are threatening to spread a video ‘far and wide’ which shows me admitting I was using a persona on Twitter – I thought I’d beat them to the job and do it for them but with the truth explained


The video as shown above is a confession I created after disbanding the NBR in June.

I put my hands up and indeed admit, I was using a persona on Twitter when I first started out and a lot of my earlier work was indeed trolling directed towards the Left-wing.

As stated by my own words, I created a persona called ‘leader Bonehill’ who was a fascist, far right dictator in what was to become a game of fantasy on Twitter. The whole thing was a social experiment designed to target the left-wing and disrupt their operations whilst I sat back and laughed at them taking this ‘social experiment’ seriously.

I created the 33 laws of ‘Bonehillism’ and watched in sheer humour as the Left-wing took me seriously and acted as if it was a threat to them when clearly it was a joke.

As admitted in this ‘confession’, I am indeed both a Nationalist and a Socialist. My political views are strongly nationalist which is different to fascism. Whilst I can appreciate fascism, it embodies capitalism which is something I am against. Mussolini was a fascist whereas Hitler was a nationalist.

Furthermore I state in the video that I intend to create a free speech civil rights movement, which I do plan on doing.

I also state In the video that I’m not racist. Well I don’t classify myself as a racist, I’m Anti-semitic. I’m fine with other races, just as long as they keep to their own countries and don’t come to mine.

So yes – the video is absolutely true. I was indeed trolling the Left-wing under a Twitter persona but this was purely political trolling and I stand by my actions fully.


So there we have it – go forth and spread Lefties. I have nothing to hide.

I will not be held hostage by the left-wing or blackmailed. I stand by everything I say and if they think they can threaten me by my own words, they are very much mistaken!

Joshua Bonehill


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