Is targeting Islam ineffective?

Firstly – this article does not advocate Islam in anyway, nor does it attempt to justify it. Here we will examine why targeting Islam is ineffective and playing right into the hands of the enemy.


Our concern about Islam

For years now in Britain, street movements and alleged Nationalist groups have cited Islam as the main enemy of Britain and indeed these groups believe that by destroying Islam, Britain will be resecued.

Without a question, Islam is completely incompatible with the British way of life. Sharia law is entirely barbaric in nature and extremism is rife – these facts can not go ignored.

One has to acknowledge why there is an Islamic problem In Britain and seek out the root cause of that. Almost certainly the new Labour government and their cultural Marxist agenda can be blamed for the rise of Islam in Britain.

White Genocide is the reason we have an Islamic problem which forms part of the cultural Marxist judeo agenda. By introducing alien culture and races, the Jews are standing by and watching the white race face destruction at the hands of multiculturalism. Islam is the fastest growing culture in Britain and academics predict that by the end of this century our nation will be largely Islamic in creed.

If we spend time targeting mosques, Muslims and Islamic culture then we are ignoring the real underlying problem and simply attacking a symptom of the disease that has Britain gripped.

There are many civic nationalist groups around such as UKIP, Britain First and the EDL. Whilst the people in these movements are good hearted nationalists, they are being sold a false dream that will not fix Britain.

All of these civic nationalist groups are fine with some immigration and other cultures apart from Islam therefore they do not provide an antidote.

These civic nationalist movements all appear to have one thing in common as well – Israel.

Indeed it is now commonplace to see the flag of Israel flying on EDL or Britain First marches instead of the Union Jack. This is simply because civic nationalism is a Jewish invention designed to destroy and eliminate true nationalism from rising in Britain.


A young race traitor chooses to fly the flag of Israel at an Edl March

The Jews have cleverly created false movements and groups led by their own people who keep the people’s attention firmly fixated upon Islam as opposed to Israel and the Jews who are really responsible for our problems.

So we can keep challenging hate preachers and storming mosques but this will never really achieve anything. These tactics are designed to keep our attention away from the more serious problems at hand and the anti-british conspirators are winning.


Another race traitor declaring his hate for whites

If you want to destroy Islam in Britain then you need to target the cause of the problem, not the symptom.

Wasting your time attacking Islam will only result in one thing – Islam dominating Britain by the end of the century.

We need to now be refocusing efforts and targeting the Jewish establishment and holding them directly accountable for Britain’s problems otherwise they will get away with the genocide of our race.

Groups like National Action show real promise in this area. NA burst onto the scene in recent years and they are not afraid to point the finger. In fact National Action service should be made mandatory for anybody under the age of 30.

If you’re afraid of being branded a nazi or a racist for holding the Jews accountable then you should question your mentality and place in our race. By questioning the right to Free and natural Anti-semitism, we are enforcing political correctness over our minds.

Anti-semitism is on the rise again thankfully in Europe. This is a trend which will hopefully spread to Britain soon and we will be able to unite again in the face of the true enemy.

There is no shame in being openly Anti-semitic, if you’re not then the anti-whites will win so pick your side wisely. You’re either anti-white or Anti-semitic and I sure as hell know where I stand.


Labour Jew Luciana Berger supporting institutional criminals Hope not Hate

So in conclusion – yes of course Islam is wrong but we shouldnt waste time targeting it other than exposing it’s attoricites in our media and news outlets. The main goal for boots on the ground should be the Jews.

Joshua Bonehill