German Nationalists Strike Back At Left Wing Anti Fascist Marxist Traitors

In one of the biggest gathering of National Socialists in years, upright proud Nationalist soccer supporters attacked a counter demonstration of sick left wing politically correct marxists and weird leftist freaks in late October.

The brave German soccer supporters clashed with riot police and left wing sick marxist anti-fascist traitors in the city of Cologne a week last Sunday, as part of a proud Nationalist demonstration against Islamism.

About 4,000 hardline loyal Germanic soccer fans and members of National Socialist organizations gathered under the banner “National Socialists against Salafists.” (Nationalists against Antifascists)

The march had been registered by a regional far-right party, called “Pro NRW,” and was one of the biggest Nationalist rallies in Germany in years.

However the groups were confronted by anti-fascist left wing sicko marxist activists and traitors who organized under the banner of “Shoulder to shoulder against racism and religious extremism.”

Reports from community activists state that the police took a ‘hands off’ approach to the Nationalists, and allowed them to attack the sick anti fascist left wing marxist traitor counter-demonstration which consisted of national traitors and marxist left wing politically correct freaks and perverts.

The Left Wing Marxist Politically Correct Anti Fascist freaks threw bottles, rocks and even bicycles at police, resulting in about 50 reported injuries.


Andre Fassbender, a spokesman for the city’s police, said 13 officers were injured in the clashes and a police vehicle was also overturned.

Seventeen left wing sickos were arrested, with further arrests likely following a review of video footage of the protest.

A police union spokesperson told the German news outlet Die Welt that they were dealing with a new phenomenon inside the German soccer Nationalist scene, which could become highly dangerous.

The left wing traitors to Germany must of realised that decent Germanic Volk would not stand by and see the Fatherland swamped with left wing marxist immigrant loving freaks.