David Child is expelled from all nationalism

David Child is a pariah and social leech and has somehow managed to get himself kicked out of every single nationalist group, movement and party running.


Me shaking hands with creature David Child

I’ve noticed recently how David Child has been colluding with and plotting alongside far Left conspirators on Twitter using his account @Nbrkingston and his other one @Nbrlondon (yes he is a multi account whacko).

Now I once gave David a place in my former movement the National British Resistance but upon finding out he was genetically inferior and therefore dangerous, the executive decision was made to remove him immediately.

David is a habitual liar and does not know what Nationalism is. After myself and David fell out he ran straight to the Left wing and started feeding them personal information whilst slagging off people like Nick Griffin (who coincidently David sucks off now) and accusing myself and other well respected Nationalists of being Jews simply because he disagreed with us. David is what I like to call a typical shit stirrer.

Anyway – let this serve as a warning to anybody who talks to David, associates with or advocates his aspergic behavior because he will drag you down as well.

The truth of the matter is that David is a 33 Year old Virgin who lives at home with his mother still in her loft. He is in no way a nationalist and is hated by everybody.

There have in fact been allegations directed towards his heritage which display possible signs of a Jewish background dating back to the first Jewish settlers in Britain.

I have tried to guide this lad in the right direction, even offered to help him out before when I lent him money to fix his life up. Giving David sympathy is the worst thing you can do, simply avoid him and blacklist him from anything to do with British nationalism.

David has made his bed with the Left-wing, I suggest now we let him lie with them and shun him from our community as the outcast he is.

Therefore I have been in touch with the Nationalist groups and movements David hasn’t been kicked out of and told them to blacklist him. Furthermore I have also emailed Nick Griffin who David is currently sucking off live on Twitter – David is now well and truly expelled from all forms of nationalism in Britain.

Joshua Bonehill


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  1. What a load of bollocks, Mr. Bonehill. Why don’t you just come clean and admit that you got rid of David Child because YOU owed HIM money… -.-

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