NHS Nurses Doctors Police Teachers Ruined by Left Wing Political Correctness


There is an increasing sense of anger in Britain.

Talking to the ordinary men and women of this country it is evident they feel the politicians are not listening to what they are saying.

People are concerned about violent crime, uncontrolled immigration, our crumbling N.H.S and many other issues.

Left Wing Politically Correct Weirdos Pushing P.C Nonsense in N.H.S

The people want their freedom back and the end of left wing Politically Correct nonsense and garbage.

However, the views expressed by the majority of the population are a world apart from the rhetoric of the three main political parties. The increasing trend towards low election turnouts may be a reflection of this. Many feel they no longer have a political voice and we agree with them.

The policies of the main parties are not formulated by the wishes of the electorate, but are controlled by an all powerful minority – the left wing politically correct sickos.

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Political franchise, or the right to vote, is something taken for granted in this country. We have universal suffrage with everyone over the age of 18, with few exceptions, allowed to take part in the electoral process.

This was not always the case.

In the early nineteenth century voting was limited to a privileged few. They were members of the ruling or upper classes and by restricting the right to vote they could control the policies of all political parties and thus of the country. They felt this was their duty, indeed their birthright, as they were gentlemen and therefore natural leaders of the lower orders of society.

They believed they knew best how to run the country for the general good of its people and, of course, for themselves. If the franchise were extended only social disorder and financial chaos would follow. This situation continued until the Reform Act of 1832, the first step on the long road to universal suffrage. However, in the last eleven years, for the first time since 1832, I believe we have seen a reversal in this process.


There is a group of people in Britain who have succeeded in controlling the policies of the main political parties.

Their motives are the same as those of the ruling classes in the early 1800’s. They believe that they know best and that the majority of the citizens of this country cannot be trusted to decide the policies of those they have elected. These people are members of, what has become known as, the Liberal Elite and their main weapon is political correctness, and who we identify more so these days thanks to the Daily Bale, as left wing politically correct sickos, weirdos and perverts.

The Left wing sick weirdos are often involved in the media, the legal profession, social work, teaching and local government. They have limited contact with ordinary people and the real world, mixing in their own social circles and with people who hold similar views.


They live in the wealthier areas of our towns and cities with little personal experience of the harsher side of life in modern day Britain, and their offspring are young people like the left wing politically correct Anti Fascist hooligans who are members of Marxist Communists gangs like ‘Hope Not Hate’ and ‘Unite Against Fascism’.

However, they exert an influence on politics out of all proportion to their small measly numbers, but nevertheless, they are still a major threat to security and many classify them as evil.

They exert control through influence of large sections of the media, local government and local and national politics. Their champion is the BBC, but both ITV and Channel 4 conform to their ideas. The Guardian newspaper is their voice in Fleet Street. They have their own agenda which they impose on the leaders of this nation by limiting free speech.


To do this they use political correctness and snuff out freedom of speech.

Political correctness is defined by those on the left of the political spectrum as avoiding language that may cause offence and is therefore seen by them as a positive thing.

However, the way in which the Left wing sick freaks use political correctness is not in any way positive, but is intolerant of the views of others and seeks to limit free speech.

Do we really want these sick left wing politically correct freaks running our N.H.S ?

They simply claim that any opinion, other than their own, causes offence to a minority group, whether it be racial, cultural or sexual and therefore that opinion should not be voiced and any person that does voice that opinion should be smeared as racist, homophobic, sexist or even populist.

The word populist takes us to the heart of the Left wing sick twisted mind set.


They are aware that their policies are not supported by the majority of people in this country, but, just like the ruling classes in the 1800’s, they feel they know better.

In fact they use the word populist to denounce any politician who seeks to follow policies that are popular with the majority of voters!


Ordinary people in this country are concerned about a number of issues. They have concerns about crime, in particular violent crime.

They want criminals to be put in prison. They want more prisons built so this can happen.

They want more police on the streets doing their job rather than dealing with paperwork.

The Left wing sick politically correct weirdos and perverts are more concerned with the human rights of the criminals.

They insist that the police fill out endless forms so that the rights of those they arrest or question are not breached. They want a reduction in the number of custodial sentences and an extension of community orders and other options.
They see drug users, who are responsible for a large proportion of the crime in this country, as victims.

People are concerned about high levels of uncontrolled immigration and its effect on the NHS, housing, crime and unemployment.


The Left wing sick twisted weirdos state that immigration is beneficial to the country and do not wish to see any limit on numbers implemented.

They see all asylum seekers as genuine refugees from persecution. Once again they are more concerned with the human rights of those who seek to come here, whether legally or illegally, than the welfare of the citizens of this country.

Many people feel that global warming has not been debated properly. Is it happening and if it is, then is man responsible for it ?

The Left wing P.C sickos endorse the most pessimistic reports, declare that man is responsible and encourage higher taxes and draconian measures to combat it.

There are a number of ways to exert political control over a nation, even a democracy. Prior to 1832 the ruling classes withheld the vote from all but their own.

In modern Britain the Left wing politically correct sickos do not limit who can vote, but they limit what they can vote for.
They control policy making, smearing anyone who dares to step outside the parameters they have set. David Cameron has brought the Conservative Party under their control.

Left Wing cranks in charge of major British institutions like the N.H.S

The selection process for prospective Conservative MP’s is now a rigorous series of tests designed to mould each MP in the image of David Cameron and weed out anyone who does not conform to politically correct ideas.

When the Rt Rev Michael Nazir-Ali, the Bishop of Rochester, stated that Islamic extremists have created “no-go” areas across Britain where it is too dangerous for non-Muslims to enter, there was the usual chorus of condemnation from Muslim groups and those on the left, but also from the Conservatives in the shape of William Hague. He did not contradict or argue against what was said, but said the bishop had ‘probably put it too strongly.’


Nigel Hastilow, the Conservative candidate for Halesowen and Rowley Regis, stated that Enoch Powell was right when he warned that uncontrolled immigration would change our country irrevocably. Peter Hain said that the remarks exposed the Conservatives racist underbelly. There was no debate or discussion. Hastilow was sacked by David Cameron.

We must protect the right of free speech in this country. Politicians and the public must be free to discuss all issues in a rational and civilised manner, without the limitations imposed on them by one small section of society.


Free political thinking and discussion is a cornerstone of democracy. We should all accept that free speech does not give us the right to insult others or attempt to stir up hatred and violence. Free speech means listening to other people’s views and, if they differ from ours, arguing against them.

Bring back proper authority and put normal decent people in charge, lets get rid of the politically correct sickos.

It does not mean attempting to smear anyone you disagree with in order to silence them. Prior to 1832 the ordinary citizens of this country had no voice in Parliament. If the main political parties continue to be controlled by the Left wing sick perverts and weirdos – history will repeat itself.


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