Is Leftism a form of Autism?

With recent medical studies showing that gene DRD4 is present in many Left-Wing activists, the daily bale asks the question – is Leftism a form of Autism?


The Left-wing brain

Autism – a mental ailment that renders the carrier unable to function normally in society and more often then not restricts the common autistic from displaying normal human functions and emotions.

Indeed there are a striking number of Left-Wing activists who suffer with Autism or go on to produce autistic children through breeding with fellow Left-wing activists.

Through years of mental and emotional conditioning, Left-wing people have been engineered by Jews to enforce political correctness and form up as the shield that defends the Jewish overlord.

Recent studies in America outlined that the DRD4 gene was present in many American test subjects who were known for left-wing activity. This gene has also been linked to autism as it appears present on the autistic spectrum, in essence it can be classified as an aspergic syndrome.

We can certainly put the behaviour displayed by feminists down to Autism but only those who truly believe in the ideology and this principles falls down to Left-wing beliefs in general.

There are two kinds of left-wing rodent:

– Those that wholly believe in the ideology and practise it.
– Those who follow the ideology but don’t believe in it.

Left-wing perverts who believe fully in left-wing beliefs are almost certainly consumed with autism and they have been engineered in this way to carry the cultural Marxist message by the judeo hand that controls all.


The autistic leftist spectrum

It wouldn’t be fair to say that ‘everybody with autism is Leftist’ but certainly one should recognise that the majority of leftists are in fact autists and this has been exploited by the Jews who managed to manipulate the DRD4 gene in order to bring about the onset of fully blown autism in their leftist slaves.

With people devoid of emotion and human characteristics, the Jews were able to create a race of slaves to do their bidding and conform to a false ideology that has no place in nature.

We once speculated as a publication towards the fact that the Left-wing are another race entirely and they should certainly be viewed as such.

Autism is an emotional disease that is brought on by manipulation of the mind. With a family history of Autism then you can expect this emotional malfunction to become geneitical and that’s where the DRD4 gene comes into play.


Nick Lowles, the classical autist

Should one breed with the left-wing then one is opening oneself up to the possibility of having genetically inferior children who suffer with learning difficulties.

In my time fighting and exposing the Left-Wing, I have come across countless left-wing parents who have autistic children. Indeed often they use these children as a cause for sympathy to be directed towards them and thus enabling public support.

Is Leftism a form of Autism? Scientifical studies directed by top globally respected authorities would say yes.

Richard Dawkins himself came to the conclusion that Autism is predominant in left-wing circles when he called for the euthanasia of downes syndrome sufferers which itself has been attributed to Left-wing origins.

Joshua Bonehill